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By: Property Advisory Counsel  09-12-2011
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Typically, the percentage of people across the population that actually purchase property beyond their principal residence is a relatively low percentage, despite agreeing in vast majority that it is a very beneficial endeavor to one's security, net worth, and well being. One of the main reasons, among many, that this has evolved to be the case is the prohibitive monetary, time commitment, involvement, strategy etc. required, as well as the overall perception that owning and operating revenue or investment property is a daunting task, which it can be without the appropriate plan of action. Whether you are contemplating your first entry into investment property ownership, or you have a large private/corporate portfolio that you own or have responsibility for, there are right ways to buy and there are wrong ways to buy. The former can add a strong leveraged position, instant equity at closing, cash flow margin and rapid appreciation to select properties, and the latter can produce large monetary commitment, little leverage, possible negative equity, little or negative cash flow margin, and minimal potential appreciation.Property Advisory Counsel, from beginning to closing (often on a continual basis after closing) provides buyers/investors with unique competitive advantages through the strategic acquisition process of investment/revenue property including, but not limited to:

Buyer consultative services :

Comprehensive deal management
Property selection - Goals/Objectives
Preparing/positioning your profile for financing qualification
Negotiation with owner/broker on your behalf
Deal structure format - Optimizing leverage
Minimizing down payment at closing
Strategic acquisition/Deal flow/Financing strategy
Tax advantages/consideration - current/future
Broker/Lender/Legal firm advisory
Property turnaround strategy - 'As is' performance and equity assessment vs turnaround c/f margin and equity position ..   


Keywords: Financing Qualification, Investment Property, Operating Revenue, Property Selection, Property Turnaround Strategy, Purchase Property,

Other products and services from Property Advisory Counsel


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All possible stakeholders, be they lenders, responsible senior lending/risk/funding executives, credit union members, shareholders, ownership, and property management benefit from Property Advisory Counsel's recommendations and implementation advisory. Prudent lenders must be proactive and involved, for the sake of all stakeholders involved, beyond the initial due diligence period of granting commitment to the borrower.


Sellers key benefits property sale disposition market value

It is imperative that an appropriate and strategic action plan is implemented many months ahead of entering the market towards sale of the property.Seller's look to achieve the maximum amount from the sale of their property. Property Advisory Counsel's intervention and advisory role with seller's includes the recommendation and implementation of necessary operational, functional, and overall factors that support the best interests of the seller.


Landlord key benefits wealth property asset management

This ensures access to maximum available equity, enhanced loan to value margins for current/future net worth, cash flow margin increase for monthly income, and higher leverage capabilities towards other future acquisitions, to name just a few. Their ownership experience day to day varies as widely as there are different types of owners, however, they all aspire to gain maximal benefit from the investment as possible.


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Property Advisory Counsel offers a wide range of professional services, from Buyer consultative services, Landlord consultative services, Seller consultative services, to Financial Institution/Mortgage holder/Insurer services: Services Offered: Buyer consultative services.