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By: Prabu Sweet Shop  09-12-2011
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Ladoo Motichoor  

Motichoor laddu or laddu is a sweet delicacy made from grilled flakes which are sweetened, mixed with almonds, pressed into balls and fried in . This sweetmeat is believed to have originated from Motichur, a small town near and popularized by the , region of . The fact that the western Uttar Pradesh belt is the largest producer of cane sugar in the country has helpd develop variants of this laddu - known as khaand ke laddu and guldane ke laddu. , a small town near Patna in Bihar, is also famous for its delicious motichoor laddus. It is a traditional gift at weddings, engagements and births.


Gulab jamun

 Gulab Jambu is a popular northern , , and sweet dish made of a dough consisting mainly of milk solids (often including double cream and a little flour) in a sugar syrup flavored with cardamom seeds and rosewater or saffron.

A similar Arabic dessert is lu'mat al-adi (Arabic for judge's bread). Like the South Asian gulab jamun, rosewater syrup is often used, however saffron syrup and honey are also common



Kalakand or Qalaqand

(: قلا‏قند ) is a very popular Indian and Pakistani sweet made out of solidified, sweetened milk, to which is added ricotta cheese. It owes it origin to the milk-rich area of western . It is a very popular sweetmeat in North and East India, including and and is reputed for its exquisite taste. The 'Kand' of Kalakand is derived from the language which means . Another such example is .

Bessan Barfi

is an Indian sweet made from , and sugar. The sugar blends into a creamy texture that comes from the basic mixture.

Besan barfi is a very common sweet in North India especially during winters. Besan barfi is often garnished with sliced or chopped almonds or pistachios.

Keywords: Sugar, Syrup