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By: Positronics Ent  09-12-2011
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E-COMM In-Building Solutions

Positronics Enterprises Ltd. offers in-building wireless solutions which enable the use of emergency service wireless devices, technologies, and applications in low-reception areas. These solutions can be deployed in almost any type of building, including: hospitals, schools, tunnels, airports, high-rises, and offices and are required through by-laws in some municipalities. Positronics Enterprises can design and implement a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) system that seamlessly meets all emergency communication requirements while offering a simple implementation and trouble free system.

Service Offerings:

Positronics Enterprises can offer a variety of related services to meet any and all in-building communication needs. These services can be purchased alone or as a package depending on your individual needs:

  • Wireless Coverage Assessment – Positronics will analyze your business requirements, make solution recommendations, and provide integration services. This information can be used to develop an end-to-end solution that covers all of E-COMM’s operational needs.
  • Site Survey – Positronics offers on site RF evaluations. These tests are conducted both inside and outside of the building and will be used to determine compliance with municipal communication by-laws or your own requirements.
  • RF Design – Positronics designs all of its systems so to ensure effective coverage based on site survey results.
  • Engineering – Positronics provides all equipment required to implement an effective wireless solution. We monitor new and emerging wireless technologies and use this to deploy solutions that meet your specific operational requirements.
  • Installation – During an installation Positronics ensures that daily business on the site continues as normal. This is achieved through co-ordination, planning, and efficiency.
  • Project Management – Positronics will ensure that all projects are completed on time and on budget. We make sure that scheduling, procurement, construction and municipal approvals, and system requirements are all dealt with within the constraints placed by you.
  • Monitoring – Positronics offers 24/7/365 monitoring services for all in-building repeaters, as required by some municipal by-laws.
  • Testing – Positronics will offer annual compliance testing on all sites, as to allow continual compliance with some municipal by-laws.

Keywords: monitoring services

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