Sport Performance Fitness and Conditioning

By: Performance Edge Fitness  09-12-2011
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Athletic/Sport Performance Conditioning

Specific strength and conditioning for your sport. From hockey to golf and in between, we can develop a strength program that will increase your sport performance on and off the field. Train individually or in groups.

Youth Athletics - Ages 8-18

These programs have been meticulously designed to educate the child/teenage athlete, parents, and coaches. Focusing on the mastery of basic movement mechanics, young athletes will become stronger, faster, and more confident in their abilities through a variety of drills, games, and body weight activities.  

Team Conditioning

Dry-land training focusing on specific sport mechanics using body weight activities with the utilization of medicine balls, footwork drills, parachutes, ladders, core boards and plenty of other equipment to make these workouts challenging for each player and educational for the coaching staff. Develop sport speed, power, agility and endurance to out perform your opponents.

Basic Strength and Conditioning

Programs designed to be functional, develop core stability, and increase cardiovascular fitness.  If you goals are to lose weight, gain strength and tone, these programs are for you. Train individually or in groups.

Group Training

Train in groups of 2 or 4 and bring that competitive edge to your workouts. Challenge your friends, family, co-workers or colleagues to these challenging workouts.

Individual Physiologic Assessment

Complete assessment to help identify areas of the body that are at a mechanical fault from muscle imbalance, postural/rotational dysfunction, prior injury/trauma, cross pattern syndromes, etc. Once the movement and postural assessment is complete we digitally record the athlete to see where the mechanical faults show up in game play situations and review the results with the coaching staff and the athlete. From here we develop a structured program to correct the mechanical faults and then strengthen the joint(s) or body area affected to produce enhanced movement patterns, decrease injury occurrence and help improve overall sport performance. 

Keywords: Athlete