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By: Pc Cruiser  09-12-2011
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Maintenance Repairs and Salvage

  • Is your computer getting slower each time you use it? Are you tired of your computer crashing all the time? Do have a computer that contains important information and you want to salvage the data. You don't have to unplug everything and cart your computer around to get it fixed, eliminate the possibility of damage that can be caused in transport: we'll come to you. Our experts are knowledgeable with both hardware and software for Windows systems, and we can figure out why your computer is acting up and implement the necessary maintenance, repairs or salvage. When possible we can show you how to prevent or fix things on your own for any future needs you may have.

System Installation and Upgrades

  • If you've recently purchased a computer: we can set it up for you, install all your cables, configure the computer the way you like it, and transfer files or hardware from your old computer to the new one.
  • Upgrading an older computer may be a better option to buying a new one. Adding RAM can significanlty boost your computers performance. When you bought your system it likely did not come with a DVD or CD Burner. Recently the prices for the burners have been approching their actual manufacturers cost with so many brands competing for the same market. Adding a burner will always enhance the life of a teenager, and they provide a very inexpensive backup solution for those critical files you just can't lose.
  • Maybe you just bought a new computer and you want to connect it to the old one. Your new computer will have a network card but the old may not. With an inexpensive network card and the proper cable the two computers can be connected together, and they can share your internet access (the computer connecting to the internet must remain turned on for the one that doesn't). Hubs, switches or routers allow for more than two computers to be connected. They can be used with only two computers, but only the router can allow either computer to be turned off without interupting the internet connection. The prices of routers are slowly dropping right now.

Computer Rejuvenation Service

  • We bring your computers back to life. Upgrades of computer hardware and software to suit the increasingly demanding applications and operating systems. Preparations of a computer for a connection to a high-speed (cable or ADSL) Internet connection. Upgrade to a faster CPU, faster motherboard or a newer operating system. Add a hard drive, a CD Burner, more RAM, a digital camera, an image scanner, a backup system, a small business or home network.

Personal On Site Training

  • Are you frustrated learning to use computers using someone else's computer, and then having to recall how to do things once your back using your own systems. Our tutoring is provided on site from experienced supportive individuals able to explain to anyone, of any computer skill level, wanting to understand how to get the most use out of your computers. You'll be able to figure out how things work without having to wait to implement your newfound knowledge. MS Word, MS Excel, Power Point, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Outlook, MSDOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Group Coaching Sessions

  • Do you want to save money and train your staff all at once without their having to take the day off work for travel to the classes. We can provide you with training sessions in your office boardroom or cafeteria.
  • Does your computer club need a speaker at an upcoming meeting?. Classes available include: "Proper Maintenance of Computers", "Tips Tricks and Shortcuts", and "For Beginners".

Internet Safe Surfing Service

  • These days if you access the Internet and your not keeping your computer up to date with the latest virus protection you are in danger of malicious attacks on your system. Every week several new viruses are discovered and they can infect your computer in more ways, they have progressively faster infection rates and inflict bigger payloads of damage on your computer. We provide installation, configuration, security updates and explanations for prevention of hacker, spam, virus, worm and trojan invasions of your systems.

E-Mail or Database Conversions

  • Do you have an old MSDOS or Windows based E-mail or contact management program with information that you'd rather be able to access in your new program? Instead of having to re-type all of it, in most cases we can transfer the data for you. Do you have a Unix MSDOS or older Windows version Point of Sale till with information that you'd like to be able to access from your Windows computer? Customized programming solutions available.

Network Installation and Expansion

  • Home and small business network cable wiring, router, hub, switch, firewall, proxy server, web server, ftp server and e-mail server configurations.

Web Site Design or Modifications

  • Is your web site up to date? We can take requests from you by e-mail and quickly make the changes you want when you need them (remote password access to your web site needs to be provided). If you want to be able to make the web site changes yourself to avoid paying minimum fees, we will configure your computer with direct access to your web site, and train you to use web design programs.

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