Painted River Farm: Round

By: Painted River Farm  09-12-2011

Located in the hind of the animal, round is known for the choicer cuts of roasts. Steaks can be cut in this area, but they are little on the lean side. This is the reason why it is recommended to make roast out of this area. The lack of fat makes the steaks dry if grilled, but they make excellent oven roasts; if cooked with moisture they are tender and lean.

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Painted River Farm: Blade

Steaks made from chuck are good when cooked in moisture or alternatively marinated for a BBQ. Meat from the chuck is usually used for stewing, slow cooking, braising, or pot roasting. Located in the front quarter of the animal; known to be a little tougher type of meat. Cuts from this area are known as both Blade and/or Chuck.


Painted River Farm: Flank

It is best marinated before cooking in acidifying products such as wine, vinegar or tomato-based products, or alternatively braised for tenderness. Commonly used for stir-fry, it is also known as flank steak or London broil cut. Flank is a long and flat muscle located in the belly area of the animal.


Painted River Farm: Products

We are very satisfied with the process plant and our butcher as they take the care that we require of our beef from the time they arrive to the time we pick up the finished product. Currently we sell all of our products off the farm, all of the beef comes wrapped in brown wax paper and it is also labeled and weighed. The beef is processed at a federal and provincial inspected facility and we have all of our products graded.


Painted River Farm: Rib

Well known for the prime rib, short rib and the rib eye (also known as Scotch fillet); it is very tender and full body of flavor. Located in the Front Quarter of the animal, this area has a little more fat marbling throughout the meat. It’s very good for steaks, BBQ and marinating.