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By: Netmedian  09-12-2011
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Here are some of the more popular services we provide to businesses. For convenience and ease in navigation, they are categorized as follows:

  • 1. Web Site design
  • 2. Search Engine Optimization
  • 3. Internet Marketing
  • 4. Business Process Automation

Web Site design

Get your web site designed with consistency and uniformity built-in from day one. Ensure your site loads fast ALL the time and is consistent across different browsers leaving your customers with a pleasant experience.

Our prices include consulting hours where we sit with you and ask you what you want out of the web site with your business; not we think you should need. You will get a clean, and professional looking web site in days; not weeks or months. Select the package that suits you the most. If you are not sure on which package you need, let us know. We can have a free no-obligation chat and help you decide.

      a. Basic web site - At least 5 pages covering home page, product/service information, About Us and Contact Us form for sending questions/queries and feedback. - Starting from $750/-.
      b. Dynamic web site - Multiple pages producing data in a dynamic fashion via a database. Provide power and flexibility to ensure data is uptodate and current. Updates are done via a back-end interface that updates web data directly into the database. This gives you the potential to create as many detail pages as you need. - Starting from $1600/-.
    Both services include consultation, education and requirements gathering as part of the process. Prototypes of your site will be created and uploaded into a test area so you get to see and comment on the site before it gets uploaded onto your main site.
      c. First steps - This package is for a business owner that wants a web site or wants to use the Internet to increase business and customer reach but does not know how to get started. This package includes a two hour education on what you need to get started with the Internet including domain names, web hosting, differences between static and dynamic sites, developing sites according to Internet standards, search engines and Internet marketing. If you're truly unsure of where and how to start, this low-cost Internet starter package will leave you well educated and aware of the possibilities of the Internet as well as a roadmap on how to proceed - Cost $350/-.

Search Engine Optimization

There is no use having a web site if your customers do not know you exist on the Internet. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in. A vast majority of the web sites are built "quickly" or "cheaply" and often times the web designer or the graphics artist builds a web site without understanding the impact of the web site on search engines. Most will also not admit to not knowing or understanding how search engines work or what must be done to ensure search engines actually find you.

Our Search Engine Optimization services (or SEO services) fill this crucial or critical gap very smoothly. Some of our services/packages include:

    1. Your web site rank on the Internet
    2. Who links to your web site
    3. Where your web site stands vis-a-vis your competitors web sites
    1. Understanding your business and using that knowledge to assist you in identifying keywords that are specific to your business
    2. Reviewing your web site and your competitors' web sites to understand the differences and rankings
    3. Suggesting changes and modifications to your web site to make them "search-engine" friendly
    4. Submitting web site changes to search engines ensuring most recent updates are reflected in search results
    5. Assisting in developing a plan for ongoing monitoring and maintenance of the web site to ensure freshness and uniqueness in content.
    1. You have already tried some parts of SEO and have not seen results
    2. You have the budget but don't know where to start
    3. You are naturally progressing from stages 1 and 2 above
    4. You would like to keep abreast of Search Engine changes and how you can gain an unfair advantage over your competition

Business Process Automation

Have you often heard yourself saying "Where did my time go?" or "Is there a better way to do this?" or "Why am I wasting my time doing simple things?"

You are not alone. In my experience, most businesses spend way too much time spending on tasks that are repetitive or that do not take advantage of technology. Our service in Business Process Automation does just that. We help you identify core areas within your business so you can take advantage of technology and all of its benefits.

Some examples of automating your core business are:

  1. Automatically sending information to your clients and prospects vastly reducing your time spent on receiving, logging and tracking such requests. this, of course, frees your time allowing you to focus and expand on your business.
  2. Automating other routine business processes like receiving orders, performing rudimentary (and complex) checks in your data prior to sending it over for manual processing, if needed. This ensure clean data enters your system so you do not spend hours trying to clean it saving you precious time to run your business. This area also includes generating critical and time sensitive business reports that can be accessed from anywhere, even if its 1:00 AM in your bedroom; as long as you are connected to the Internet. Can you imagine getting a report that shows you exactly what orders you received and their exact status all from the press of a button? And without any manual intervention? How powerful is that to you and your business?

Business Automation is no longer a luxury. Ask yourself how much time do you spend a day in these routine tasks? Most businesses do not recognize this because they have always done this and take this as part of a "job". Here's how powerful automation can be to you and your business. If you can save 30 minutes a day, that's 2.5 hours a week, 10 hours a month and 120 hours a year. Assuming a 40-hour work-week, you just gave yourself a 3-week vacation. Can you see how powerful this can be? If you feel you would like to discuss or learn more about process automation and how you can take advantage of it, please send us an (


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