Navien on demand hot water system

Navien on demand hot water system from MILLS MECHANICAL LTD

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Tankless otherwise referred to as On Demand Hot Water Systems are a tremendous step forward in the water heater industry. While fairly new to North America, these incredible devices have been in use for years in countries throughout Western Europe and parts of Asia.

Forget about that bulky 60 gallon tank, these systems take up almost no space at all as they do not require the typical holding tank of a regular hot water tank. The footprint is in-fact so small it can easily be attached to your wall, freeing up a lot of useful space.

These systems can often save you upwards of 75% off your water heating energy bill, they provide an endless supply of hot water and have running lifespans rated twice of the average hot water tank.

We offer both Natural Gas and Electric Tankless Water Systems and highly recommend you speak to us about your residential or commercial hotwater needs before you just decide to install another standard hot water tank heater. The typical savings on your bill and energy consumption are often huge.

Keywords: INSTANT HOTWATER HEATERS, Natural Gas, Rheem,



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