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By: Luckett Wenman  09-12-2011
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The term "commodity taxes" is used to describe taxes that are levied on property and services. This includes federal and provincial sales taxes, fuel and excise taxes and customs duties.As commodity tax recovery specialists, we bring a unique perspective to the review of an organization. Our focus, day in and day out, is on finding recoveries. Accordingly, we have developed a skill set, and a mindset, that typically goes beyond that of either external or internal audit groups, or even in-house tax groups, who have many other priorities.
A review generally provides a fresh look, or double check, that your organization is obtaining all refunds available to it, and conversely is not paying more commodity tax than required. Often, new legislation is passed which may have either a direct or indirect impact on your activities. We keep up to date with new developments and can help you implement practical responses to changes in tax laws which affect you.Specifically, the benefits of a review are as follows:- Cash refunds or savings
- Knowledge that will enable you to achieve future savings
- Reports detailing all areas of recovery
- Identification of system deficiencies
- Assurance of the many areas being properly handled
- Ongoing support and serviceWe encourage our clients to call us at any time, on our toll free line, with any questions or concerns. We also invite organizations to have us review any audit assessments they receive to ensure their validity and see if any reductions are possible. There are generally no charges for this service.
It starts with a commitment on our end to be as thorough as possible.Our engagement letter clearly outlines what will be reviewed, what we will require from you, and indicates our guarantee that the results of our review will remain confidential.The review date will be scheduled at your convenience. Our consultants will arrive on the scheduled date prepared to begin the process and will require only a few minutes of your time to indicate where certain documents may be found. A review can take anywhere from half a day to a few months depending on the size and complexity of your organization.At the end of our review we will go over any outstanding issues and indicate any areas in which we require more information.Once we've finished our review we will write up a report at our office, research any issues needing further information and prepare a detailed report, with backup, showing the recoveries available to you.Please note that perhaps the most important part of our review process is the identification of areas of oversight which you may claim in the future.

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