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By: Loadit  09-12-2011
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ATV Quad Loader

No more backing down ramps!  This Loader lets you drive your quad onto your truck and park it sideways.  When you are ready to unload, simply put the 12-foot ramps on the side you want to drive down.
  • Always load and unload in forward motion - no more backing!
  • 12-foot ramps that fold to a length of 7 feet for transporting.
  • Keep your pickup bed clear for storage under your ATV.
  • Load up to two ATV's across the width of a 6.5-foot or 8-foot truck box.

Front Boat Loader

Don't leave your boat home because you have a fifth wheel!  The Front Boat Loader conveniently stores your boat over the cab and hood of your pickup leaving the bed open for connecting your fifth wheel.
  • Leaves the bed of your truck clear for your fifth wheel.
  • Automatically loads the boat quickly, easily and safely, rain or shine!
  • Lifts up to 400 pounds.
  • Accommodates a boat up to 16-feet in length.

Rear Boat Loader

Load your boat by yourself with the push of a button.  No more struggling to get your boat on your truck and no more climbing!
  • Automatically loads the boat quickly, easily and safely, rain or shine!
  • Mounts on pickups, motor homes, campers, fifth wheels and more!
  • Eliminates climbing by loading and securing your boat for you.
  • Places your boat right on the water.

Side Cargo Loader

No more climbing to secure your canoe, kayak, pontoon boat or other cargo.  This versatile system has been used to load all kinds of things including inflatables and even ladders.  The applications are endless!
  • Load your cargo easily by simply pushing a button.
  • Fantastic for loading onto high vehicles like motor homes, trailers and fifth wheels.
  • No more climbing to load or secure!  
  • Lifts up to 200 pounds, no sweat!

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