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By: Kintaro Biotech  09-12-2011

Once the exact specification of the final product is given, Kintaro will conduct preliminary analysis to determine the cost and duration. Multiple genes may be synthesized for a same protein. If the final amount of recombinat protein to be delivered is a large quantity, pilot run using transient expression system will be conducted, and sample recombinant proteins will be sent to client. If client is satisfied with the protein activity, yield, and purity, we will egage in stable cell line development and scale up production and purification.

Schedule & Deliverables

A typical project takes about 6 months. Kintaro Biotech Inc. will provide customer with an estimate of the completion date before initiating the project. However, depending on the recombinant protein, the turnaround time may be different, and please keep in mind that this is our best estimate. The actual time may vary depending on the progress of the project.

Along with the final purified protein, Kintaro Biotech Inc. will provide related documentations such as the media and reagent used and the general process utilized. Buyer will own the cell line and/protein but not the proprietary process we took to generate the cell line and/or the final protein product. Some specific details relating to this proprietary process will not be disclosed.

Client Confidentiality

The project and client related information will be kept confidential and upon request can be transferred to the client or destroyed. Only the customer manager will know which project is related to which client.

Payment & Cancellation

No project is initiated without 25% down payment. Kintaro Biotech Inc. accepts credit card (Visa or MasterCard), cheque or wire in payment. Payment term is net 30 days upon completion of the project. For any protein, customer may cancel the order after reaching an agreement with Kintaro Biotech Inc.

If Kintaro Biotech Inc. has received the order, but has not initiated the project; customer is entitled to cancellation of the order without any penalty. If Kintaro Biotech Inc. has prompted protein expression and purification, customer may cancel the order, however, customer is obligated to pay penalty cost, depending on the stage or status of the project. If Kintaro Biotech Inc. has obtained the target protein within specified time frame; customer may cancel the order, however, with full amount paid to Kintaro Biotech Inc.