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By: Interglobe Security  09-12-2011
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We offer a number of products and services here at Interglobe Security:

Electronic alarm systems are recognized as an important contributor to the securing of people and property. In a 1995 Canadian comparison of break and enters (B & E) on residential premises, the B & E rate was 37 per 1000 non-alarmed premises vs. only 4 per 1000 on alarmed. Residences with alarm systems are 9.25 times less likely to have a break-in.

A basic system will take a two stage approach to securing your premise. The first will monitor the perimeter access points (doors & windows), the second will monitor the interior by detecting movement inside the premise (motion detectors, etc.) A combination of perimeter and interior detection is the most commonly used, however, either may be used independently depending on your needs and requirements.

Determining what your needs are is something that you as a homeowner will have to decide. A security system is not something that you should buy off the shelf, it should be customized to meet your needs and finances. An on-site evaluation by Interglobe Security is recommended before an educated quote can be provided to you.

Contact Interglobe Security for a professional no obligation on site quotation.

Statistical info. Provided by: The Canadian Security Association (CANASA)

Interglobe Security partners its monitoring services through its ULC listed monitoring center. Our 24 hour 7 days a week monitoring services are available to all your emergency needs. Our monitoring insures around the clock detection and swift notification to the proper authorities.

We monitor for:

  • Burglar Alarm Systems
  • Smoke and Fire detectors
  • Flood & Low temperature sensors
  • Medical and panic alarms

If you already have an alarm system and require monitoring, Please contact us, we can monitor your alarm system at a fraction of the cost most other companies charge.

You're in control with Interglobe's fully integrated control panel, proximity card or key tag technology, you can lock your business down, open it up and record who comes and goes. Now you can monitor who should and shouldn't be on your property, and see who's coming through your business 24 hours a day.

What will an Access Control System do for my business?

  • It adds an extra layer of security and safety.
  • Automatically records all activity to let you know who came in when.
  • Can be set to record traffic activity years in advance to accommodate holidays and special needs.
  • Let's you restrict and control employee's access within the premises.
  • Allows temporary access to specified areas while the rest of your business is locked down.
  • Ability to void any card at any time.

Interglobe Security specializes in installation of high quality customized video surveillance systems. We have dedicated our firm to helping our customers improve their operations and minimize risks. Our ultimate goal is complete customer satisfaction. We take the time to evaluate your needs and objectives. Then we provide a 'Loss Prevention Solution' that integrates all aspects of the overall operational plan including the hardware and software components, the facility and layout design, as well as the requirements of your personnel.

Our products and services are used in a broad variety of security, surveillance and monitoring applications. We help you to make the right choices for your specific needs. We help to identify your requirements, analyze your concerns and evaluate your operations to determine an effective solution to meet your objectives.

Digital Video Recorders

System Design:

Security cameras are installed in the areas of concern. A coax cable is connected to the camera and the cable is ran back to the on-site computer and connected to the inputs provided by our capture cards which are installed in the computer.

Remote Connections
Company Network:
The system allows you to connect the DVR to a companies network and load our work station software on other PC's connected to the network. The work station software requires each user to sign on with a name and password. The password allows a system administration to control each users access to specific cameras and individual system functions. This design allows the DVR to be installed in a secure server room or electrical closet but have the convenience of accessing and managing the system right from your office PC.

Broadband Internet:
With DSL or cable, the on-site DVR is connected to the internet through the network connection on the back of the DVR. The internet provider will assign an address to you for that connection called and IP address or number. The DVR can then be accessed using nothing more than a remote PC connected to the internet and opening your web browser (ie: Internet explorer) and typing in the IP address. If the password features are enabled the user will be required to type in their User Name and Password before access is granted

While offering state of the art electronic solutions to your security needs, Interglobe Security's Uniformed Guards can be deployed to client demands in several forms or combinations providing numerous security related services. These services include everything from preventing theft and criminal activity to protecting highly valued assets, to preventing unwanted access, to watching over an Estate or home.

Our Uniformed Guards are deployed at Auto Malls, Shopping Malls, Trailer Parks, RV Sites, Construction Sites and many other shapes and sizes of business.

Our Guard patrol has been a proven fact for the many business we patrol. Besides the social benefits of having protection by Interglobe Security, the effects for some of our clients have gone straight to their bottom-line; typically by reducing theft, and lowering insurance premiums.

Interglobe Security Guard Patrol services are available 24hours a day 7 days a week.

Our experienced management team can design a customized security program to match any budget. You will not find a security company as committed to your needs as Interglobe Security. Call us for your on site no obligation Guard Patrol evaluation.

Interglobe Security sells and installs most major brands of central vacuum systems available on the market.

Why Central Vacuums?

  1. Healthy Air
  2. Central vacuum systems totally eliminate the re-circulation of dirty air inside your living area. All the hype about allergens, including dust mites is true! Read what the EPA, American Lung Association, US News and World Report, and others have to say. The long term health benefits are amazing.
  3. Vacuum Power
  4. With 3-5 times more cleaning power than most portable vacuum cleaners you get a superior clean in less time. Since the central vacuum is located in the garage or basement it can have bigger heavier motors. This power will give a deep down clean and pick up that thread you usually have to go over three times to pick up. The standard model recommended has an airflow of 185 cfm (cubic feet per minute), compared with 60 to 90 cfm from a portable.
  5. Convenience
  6. Just connect the lightweight hose to any conveniently located inlet. No heavy unit to pull, push or drag up stairs, no switches, and no electrical cords to keep tripping over.
  7. Home Value
  8. As with other built-in appliances, investing in a central vacuum system increases the market value of your home. For less than the cost of the high-end portable vacuum, you can buy a central vacuum and watch the resale value of your home go up around $2,000 when appraised. So, whether your home is already built or under construction, a central vacuum can be installed easily and cost effectively
  9. Less Noise
  10. Eliminates the loud, irritating noise of portable vacuum cleaners because the power unit is not only acoustically insulated, it is also located outside your living area. Important phone calls will be heard, the baby will sleep peacefully, and the favorite TV program will not be disturbed.
  11. Versatility
  12. Dozens of attachments designed to clean any type of surface: carpeting, wood and tile floors, draperies, furniture, crevices, corners, staircases, ceiling fans, miniblinds, cars, etc.
  13. Cost Savings
  14. Saves you money by greatly prolonging the life of your carpeting, drapes and furniture due to the increased, deep-down cleaning power. A central vacuum is one of the best investments you can make in your home.

Our Metal fabrication Team can design any kind of metal security bars, gates, doors or any particular design you can imagine, and they are available in many colours. We have supplied and installed security gates to professional business to residential homes. Our production turnaround time can be from 1 day to several days depending on your design specifications. Call Interglobe Security with your next quote on security and window bars.

Today, the demands placed on pre-wiring are greater than ever before as lifestyle and home designs evolve. More people want to network computers, access the Internet, watch satellite TV, automate their home, protect it with a security system and enjoy audio throughout the entire house.

In addition to the above our specialists can create a local area network (LAN) throughout your house, bringing multiple telephone jacks, cable hookups and standard outlets to each and every room in your home. For the first time, you will access all your electronics through one multifunctional outlet and enable multiple capabilities conveniently. You will be able to enjoy the advantages of a complete in-home computer network that enables all users within the home to share printers, scanners, high-speed cable modem connections, online gaming & room to room gaming, etc.

Although our most commonly sought-after service is the prewiring for burglary alarm systems, we are available for all of the above wiring services as well. Call us today, and we will make your new home ready for the future.

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Keywords: Alarm Systems, monitoring services, Security Partners