Healing Through Movement

By: Healing Through Movement  09-12-2011

Exercise Rehabilitation
If you have a sport-related ailment, or suffered an injury on the job or in a car accident, you'll want to get back to your pre-injury self as soon as possible. You can - with help from Healing Through Movement. Meet with one-on-one kinesiologist and exercise rehabilitation specialist, Rick Kaselj, to find out how you can return to - or exceed - where you were before your injury. Learn what to do and what not to do for your specific injury and receive a personalized program tailored for your rehab and fitness goals. . Personal Training
Want to get in better shape, but don't know where to start? Maybe your doctor has recommended exercise, but with your complicated medical history, you want to ensure that you do it safely. Whether you'd like to spruce up an existing program, or seek motivation and information to get on the right track, Healing Through Movement can help you meet your goals. Meet with certified personal trainer Rick Kaselj at your local community centre, gym or home. Receive an initial consultation in person, or via email, fax or phone. Healing Through Movement will design a safe, effective program to match your lifestyle and help you reach your goals. . Adventure Training
Whether you plan to hike the Alps, cycle Australia's wine region or compete in your first triathlon close to home, adventure training will make your experience more successful and enjoyable. Rick Kaselj - an avid adventurer, himself - will show you how to prepare physically and mentally for the explorations you're most passionate about. Plus, learn how to choose the best gear for your activity. . Weight Loss
Shedding unwanted pounds can be a challenge without the right weight-loss strategies. Healing Through Movement has the solution. Reach your goals through practical lifestyle changes that are easy to implement and follow.