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By: Geomicro  09-12-2011
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GPS Fleet Tracking Systems and fleet management allow you to increase the efficiency of your business by creating an electronic record of the movements of all the vehicles in your fleet. No longer do you need to rely on memory or hand-written records to keep track of your vehicles, nor do you now need to worry about the integrity of your drivers. A GPS Fleet Tracking System ensures that you will always know where your fleet has been, and provides guidance to guarantee that your fleet gets where it needs to go.

How the GPS Fleet tracking and vehicle tracking Does It Work?

GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems center around a GPS, which is installed in the vehicle. The GPS constantly keeps track of the whereabouts of the vehicle through its communication with various local satellites, and then periodically sends a signal to a database, where the information is stored and analyzed according to your business’ needs.

No More Overwork

GPS Fleet Tracking Systems and fleet management Systems give your company greater fleet management capability. Because the GPS Tracker relays up-to-the-minute data concerning the whereabouts of the vehicles in your fleet, dispatchers are more able to make informed decisions. No longer will you have to worry about task redundancy, or that the most convenient driver is not being utilized in every given situation. GPS Automobile Tracking Systems make sure that you always know exactly where every vehicle in your fleet is located at all times. 

No More Paperwork

GPS Fleet Tracking Systems are entirely electronic, meaning that all location data is automatically received, recorded, and analyzed by the program. There’s no need to go digging through piles and files of paperwork to find records of your fleet vehicles’ trips. All the data can be stored as electronic files and filed in your computer system.

No More Guesswork

GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems take the guesswork and speculation out of entrusting your vehicles in the hands of your drivers. GPS Fleet Tracking Units tell you exactly where your vehicles are at any given moment, and also keep track of where your vehicles have been. Installing the software means that you will know as much about the whereabouts of your fleet as if you were actually sitting in the passenger seat of every fleet vehicle. Because of the in-depth and inclusive data collected by the unit, the software enables you to verify a variety of trip factors and keeps your drivers honest.

For example, because the GPS Tracker logs the length of every trip both in distance and in time, you will no longer depend upon the integrity of your drivers’ time cards. Not only will you know exactly how long your vehicles are on the road, but you will also be apprised of when your vehicles deviate from their scheduled routes or take unnecessary side trips.
Furthermore, the software allows you to keep records on particular drivers. The GPS Tracking Unit records the speed of the vehicle, allowing you to identify which of your drivers utilize safe driving practices. The program also logs when accidents take place, so you can easily identify which drivers are engaged in more accidents than others.

Keywords: Fleet Management, fleet tracking, Gps Fleet Tracking, Vehicles

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