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Garaventa offers a full range of specialized lift products for people with disabilities and others who have difficulty with stairs. We also offer specialty products for emergency evacuation from buildings when lifts and elevators are inaccessible.

Our products are suitable for use in both private residences and public buildings. Most can be located indoors or outdoors. They are designed for safety, durability, ease of use and aesthetic appeal. We offer both standard designs as well as highly customized products to suit special user and site requirements.

Some products are manufactured by Garaventa and are available worldwide, other products, are distributed by Garaventa Lift and are available only in certain countries in accordance to our distribution agreements. All Garaventa lifts are manufactured and installed in compliance with the applicable codes and safety standards.

Regional Garaventa web sites contain more information on the individual products they provide.

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Commercial and Residential Wheelchair and Passenger Lifts | Garaventa Lift

Einige unserer Produkte werden von Garaventa selbst produziert und sind weltweit lieferbar, andere werden von Garaventa Lift nur vertrieben und sind nur in bestimmten Ländern erhältlich, in vertraglicher Übereinstimmung mit unseren Vertriebspartnern. Garaventa bietet eine große Auswahl an speziellen Lift-Produkten für Menschen, die Schwierigkeiten haben Treppen und Barrieren zu überwinden.


Inclined Wheelchair Lifts

Attractive, easy to use and equipped with intuitive operating controls and many safety features, the Artira is the first choice for accessibility design professionals. The Garaventa Artira inclined wheelchair lift has tubular guide rails, allowing it to follow curving stairways and traverse landings.


Vertical Wheelchair and Passenger Lifts

The enclosure can be made of steel, Plexiglas or glass and can be fitted with a dome for weather protection, or left open if indoors. The Genesis Enclosure vertical wheelchair lift is a complete, self-contained vertical access solution. It includes its own enclosure with integrated doors.