industrial dampers - butterfly, louver, guillotine, diverter, poppet and radial vane

By: Flextech In  09-12-2011
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Flextech Industries offers a full line of rugged, reliable dampers to provide critical, man-safe isolation and/or control of airflow in utility, refinery and industrial process applications.

Designed to permit inspection and maintenance during plant operation, these custom engineered and manufactured dampers eliminate costly down time and lost production.

Guillotine Dampers

provide man-safe isolation of ductwork and equipment. Low-leak structural seal design and zero-leak bellowseal design - rectangular or round geometry.

Louver Dampers

single (parallel and opposed) and double louver design allow "man-safe" isolation and precise flow control on precipitator, bag-house, scrubber and gas turbine fan inlet and outlets. -
round, square or rectangular configurations available.

Butterfly Dampers

single and multi-blade designs provide low cost isolation and flow control of flue gases. Low-leak or man-safe designs available.

Diverter Dampers

directs gas flow from GTE (gas turbine exhaust) to heat recovery boiler or bypass system. Single flapper blade with unique belloseal design provides high (99.9%) sealing efficiency - man-safe design available with a temperature range to 1200°F.

Poppet Dampers

provide low cost shut off in bag-house type collection systems. Low-leak or zero-leak configurations

Radial Vane Dampers

control direction of air flow entering fan inlets. Cantilevered and center hub blade design available.

Flextech dampers incorporate leading edge materials, design features and performance. A complete range of drive systems and sealing options are available.

Keywords: Dampers

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