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By: Flextech In  09-12-2011
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Once your process conditions and equipment specifications have been established, our design and application engineers will work with you to optimize a solution for your expansion joint, damper and flexible hose requirements. Flextech engineers use the latest software, including Auto Cad, to promote the highest level of design efficiency and quality.

Flextech Industries are specialists in flexible piping and ducting components. Our products are manufactured to the following standards:

• EJMA (Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association)
• FSA (Fluid Sealing Association)
• AWS (American Welding Society)
• CRN Registration (Canadian Registration Numbers)


Flextech Industries, with our diverse capabilities to manufacture a broad range of flexible piping and ducting components, are unique.
Our shops are fully equipped to deal with just about any situation. We have facilities, which include CNC controlled metal, and bellows forming machinery, comprehensive welding equipment with processes including plasma, MIG and TIG. In addition, we have vulcanizing and heat-sealing abilities. Our integrated manufacturing and testing facilities ensure total control of product quality. Other equipment includes an in-house machine shop permitting tight control of production schedules.

Quality Control

Flextech has a registered, certified and fully operating quality control program in accordance with the standards and requirements of:

• CSA 51
• ASME B31.1 & B31.3
• CRN Registration

Flextech has in-house, non-destructive testing capabilities for:

• Liquid Penetrate
• X-Ray
• Mass Spectrometer
• Hydro-Testing

We also perform component cycle, stress and deflection testing.

Repair And Field Service

7 days a week. 24 hours a day.
For expansion joint and damper repairs, you can rely on experienced, skilled Flextech personnel to do a professional job in a wide variety of areas, which include:

• Refurbish and repair bellows expansion joints
• Fabric expansion joint installation, splicing & repair
• Evaluation of the condition of your expansion joint and/or damper

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Other products and services from Flextech In


fabric expansion joints - single or multi-layered

M Series Multi-layered for hot air and flue gas applications operating above 400°F through 2000°F. Our fabric expansion joint assemblies consist of either belt or integral flange styles. Round, square, rectangular and cylindrical joints available in an unlimited size range. We can custom design units to fit your needs. We offer a variety of frame designs.


metal bellows expansion joints - manufactured by Flextech Industries

Using the latest technology available in computerized bellows design analysis to EJMA guidelines, as well as a full complement of PLC controlled bellows forming equipment, we can provide design, drafting and fabricating of finished expansion joints of unlimited complexity. Single• Dual• Universal• Pressure Balanced• Hinged• Gimbal• Ring Controlled• Externally Pressurized• Pump Connectors• Expansion Compensators• Duct-Type.


industrial dampers - butterfly, louver, guillotine, diverter, poppet and radial vane

Flextech Industries offers a full line of rugged, reliable dampers to provide critical, man-safe isolation and/or control of airflow in utility, refinery and industrial process applications. Single and double louver design allow "man-safe" isolation and precise flow control on precipitator, bag-house, scrubber and gas turbine fan inlet and outlets.