Security Window Bars and Gates keep theft away from your Home and Business!

Security Window Bars and Gates keep theft away from your Home and Business! from FH SECURITY PRODUCTS LTD.

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778-996-2304 In cities like Abbotsford, Aldergrove, Mission, Maple Ridge and Chilliwack, in the Fraser Valley, we are faced with a high rate of “smash and grabs”. It has become a normal precaution to prepare our business’s with storefront window security. Quite commonly the folding expanding gates are used, as well as the standard 8 by 8 inch security window bars. However as the scissor like action of the retractable security gates are nice to fold out of the way, window bars are chosen as the first line of defense, and becoming more popular if chosen, custom decorative window security bars for storefronts are winning in the demands. Imagination can make for some creative ways to secure and to aesthetically look pleasing and add to the interest of the storefront glass windows. Here we used half inch solid stock with stamped leaves to create a look to draw positive attention to the business needing heavy security against forced entry. From there, they were hinged to become opening window bars so they could easily access for cleaning. For crime on your business involving the use of vehicles, we supply and install steel decorative bollards and steel pipe bollards. Call us to see what we can design for your individual storefront to bring the eyes to your business!

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