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By: Escortradar  09-12-2011

Size & Weight
Length: 11.1 cm L , 6.3 cm W, 2.1 cm T (4.3"L x 2.4"W x 0.8"T)
Weight: 85g, 3.0oz

Button & indicator light
Installation validation button and two-color indicator light

GSM/GPRS: Quad-band
2-way communication enables real-time tracking and remote arming and disarming

Tamper-sense alert
GPS security perimeter breach alert
Low device battery notification
Low vehicle battery notification
Drained vehicle battery/disconnect notification
On-network notification
Off-network notification

Real-time GPS tracking turnaround time: 20-40 seconds typical
Continuous GPS tracking turnaround time: every 10-20 seconds (3 min sessions)
GPS tracking schedule: 15 min intervals
Positioning accuracy: ~3 meters (depending on signal coverage)
UltimateSense™ GPS antenna technology makes the most of weak GPS coverage

Power & battery
Power system compatibility: 12 & 24 VDC
Power cable: easy 2-wire installation
Built-in rechargeable Li-polymer battery
Device backup battery life: up to 2 days

Device requirements
Service plan
GSM/GPRS wireless communication coverage
GPS signal coverage

Computer requirements
PC Internet browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari
Mac Internet browsers: Safari, Firefox

Mobile phone required for mobile alerting

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