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By: Eleven Stars  09-12-2011

A complete cleaning service specializing in:-

We specialize in :-

Complete Janitorial Services
Floor Stripping and Refinishing
Window Cleaning
Construction Cleanup
Wall Washing
Carpet And Upholstrey Steam Cleaning (truck mounted unit) We have also recognized that frequency of cleaning required is depended on the geographic location of the building – a facility in the north in the wintertime will require more attention than a facility located in the desert – as well as the amount of traffic the facility generates.Most cleaning contractors do not realize that cleaning a commercial property requires making a good first impression for the clients that use the facility, and to invest the fiscal resources involving well trained cleaning staff, state-of-the art cleaning equipment and first rate customer service to solve all cleaning concerns before they happen. Eleven Stars Enterprises Inc.and Envirosafe will make your commercial property a pleasant place to be.Eleven Stars Enterprises Inc. and Envirosafe are proud to present the institutional cleaning division. This division consists of specially trained staff that recognizes the challenges of cleaning; Colleges, Health facilities and T.V. Studios and Warehouses. Our specially trained college crews for examples deal with a multitude of cleaning concerns which may not be present in commercial cleaning. This could consist of the following:
  • Dealing with added classroom space
  • Childcare areas that need hospital cleaning standards.
  • Wood floor cleaning / Cement floor cleaning.
  • Different cleaning times for staff.

We follow a strict cleaning schedule when dealing in institutional cleaning and expect a high cleaning standard from all staff in this area. Outside cleaning consultants are also part of our team to ensure that our client’s receive a clean and healthy environment.

Dealing with the cleaning of government properties can be the biggest cleaning challenge of all. With full blown proposals and the highest cleaning and security standards in history, most cleaning companies’ would rather not bother. But Eleven Stars Enterprises Inc. is not most companies.With cleaning properties from the Greater Vancouver regional District head office, to Public works and local city halls, Eleven Stars has the government experience to deal with all aspects of these properties.Learning to respond to on-call service is a big part of dealing with this client. A cleaning company needs to pace themselves over a one to three year cleaning contract and to continue to upgrade their cleaning staff to ensure that the latest equipment and supplies are available. Government expects nothing less and receives all of our experience when cleaning becomes their highest monthly operating cost. All government agencies know about Eleven Stars incredible cleaning and customer service. We hope you will get to know us to.