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Not only is Earls Marine a leader in the production of high quality marine closures. We also have a very qualified and expericed service team. Specializing in on site closure repair. We know that ships down time is very costly. Thats why so many ships trust there ships and the saftey of their crew to EMC.

Services we provide: 

Fire Door Repair

Fire doors on work boats get heavy use and over time can break down and sag. Instead of replacing the whole door we can repair and renew the skins and bring an old door back to life. The refurbished door will maintain its fire rating and approval!

Bulkhead Door and Hatch Repair

After years of service on work boats even these rugged doors and hatches need a tune up to maintain the water tightness of your vessel. We can provide this service with exceptional quality and finish.

Window Replacement and Resealing

Being able to see clearly is key to the safe operation of your vessel and if you have a broken or salt etched glass impeding your vision you have to get that fixed up. Our service team can handle most types of glass; double pained, safety glass, heated glass and lloyds approved. If your windows are fine but the seals around them are producing leaks, be aware that small leak can develop into a serious problem longterm. Our service team will provide a professional fix so that the end result is not just a recapped window, but a proper solution that is a longterm fix for your window.

Lock and Door Closer Installations and Repair

Our staff knows how to setup or repair most brands of locks as well as most types of door closers.

Panic Bar Iinstallation

Panic bars are tricky and complex to setup and have functioning properly. Our staff has the knowledge to install them quickly and correctly.

Pneumatic Door Repair + Tuning

With knowledge gleaned from our in house pneumatic system test and repair bench we can fix or diagnose most problems. We also repair many expensive parts in our shop so your pneumatic fire doors remain operational!

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Keywords: Door, Fire Doors, Glass, ships, Window

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