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By: David Hunter Flower Shops  09-12-2011

Trees can provide you with a cool shady spot to relax or create privacy. Trees have many uses and benefits in a garden. We carry a selection of trees that do well in our coastal climate and work well in the smaller back yards that are becoming common in cities today.


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Perennials |

There are perennials that bloom at almost any time of year from Hellebores that bloom in the dead of winter to long blooming summer perennials like lavender. Many gardens almost exclusively contain perennials with little to no annuals. Every garden should have at least some perennials in them. Perennials are plants that can live for many years.


Outdoor Plants |

At David Hunter Garden Centers we are a full service garden centre that carries a broad selection of outdoor plants to make your garden beautiful. These are planted in the spring and flower profusely all summer long and die when the frosts arrive in the fall. There are other annuals like Pansies which are planted in the fall and bloom through the winter months.


Shrubs |

Evergreen shrubs keep their leaves all year round even in the cold winter months. Another group of shrubs is conifers which have needles like pines and junipers. Deciduous shrubs lose their leaves during the fall months.


Fruit Trees |

If you only have a small backyard with room for one fruit tree, be sure to select a dwarf self pollinating variety or one of our combination trees that have multiple varieties on the same tree. Our selection of fruit trees arrives in late february or early March, and we carry them through the summer normally selling out in early fall.