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By: Corporate Insurance Vancouver  09-12-2011
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Long term care costs can be high and can threaten the financial security you’ve achieved. Personal Financial Planning can protect you if you require extended nursing home care or at home care. Personal Financial Planning may also provide tax-free benefits, depending on your plan.  We work with business owners, professionals, executives and individuals to develop effective estate plans that preserve and protect their assets for their families.


RRSPs provide a way to easily save money for your retirement and benefit from tax savings. You can deduct the amount of money you put into your RRSP from your annual income at tax time, within specified limits. Your RRSP investment grows on a tax sheltered basis. You only pay the tax when you take the money back out of the plan. You can use the money in your RRSP account to buy investments, and the money earned on your investments is not taxed until you take it out of the plan.

You can spend the money in your RRSP before you retire, but you will have to pay the tax owed on the amount of your withdrawals, unless you borrow the money to: (1) Buy a first home: You can use up to $20,000 from your RRSP for a down payment on your first home; or (2) Pay for education: You can use some of the money in your RRSP to help you or your spouse go back to school. There are rules about how much you can take out each year. If you borrow money from your RRSP for a home or education, you will have to pay it back, but you will have a number of years to do so.


RESPs provide a way to save for your children’s education. Money you deposit to your RESP grows on a tax sheltered basis. When funds are withdrawn for educational fees, they are taxed as the income of the child. The federal government also matches a percentage of your deposits.

Mutual Funds

As a Mutual Fund Representative, Jay Gangnes, CSA, is licensed with Portfolio Strategies Corporation, through which mutual funds are distributed.

A mutual fund allows you to invest in a group of stocks or other investments chosen by a professional investor. Funds can offer a broader range of investments than you could buy on your own. When you put money in a mutual fund along with many other people, it creates a large pool of money that can be invested. The company that runs the mutual fund puts a Fund Manager in charge of investing the money. The Fund Manager decides how to invest the money and decides when to buy and sell investments for the mutual fund.

Mutual funds vary a lot in terms of earnings potential and the amount of risk. Seven common types of funds are: Money market funds, Fixed income funds, Balanced funds, Stock or equity funds, Index funds, Specialty funds, Mortgage funds, Real estate funds.

Segregated Funds

Segregated funds are similar to mutual funds, but are sold only by life insurance companies. You have many of the same choices, including: Money Market Funds, Bond funds, Equity funds, and Balanced funds. Segregated funds can be good for some long-term investors who want to invest in equity mutual funds but don’t like the risk of other types of funds. Unlike a mutual fund, a segregated fund has a maturity date, such as 10 years. If you hold the fund to that date, you are guaranteed to receive a specified amount of your money back. Segregated funds pay a guaranteed amount to your beneficiary if you die. Your beneficiary gets this amount even if the value of the investments in your segregated fund is less.

Life Insurance

I have access to Canada’s top insurance companies, offering you the best solutions for your insurance needs. Security, savings, tax-sheltering, protection for loved ones: life insurance isn’t just about a death benefit anymore. Learn about what life insurance can do for you, your family, and your financial future. How much insurance do you need?

Universal life insurance is the most flexible life insurance available today. You can customize your plan when you buy it, or easily make changes later. Universal life offers you the opportunity for tax-advantaged investing. This gives you the chance to increase your wealth by investing within your policy.

Permanent life insurance provides lifetime protection for a fixed cost. Depending on the plan you buy, permanent life insurance spreads the cost of your coverage over the lifetime of the policy or over a specified period of time.

Term insurance is a lower-cost option, and still gives you assurance that your beneficiaries will be protected.

Critical Illness Insurance
Disability Insurance

Disability insurance plans are designed to help meet your income requirements and pay bills, should you become disabled and unable to work.

Mortgage Insurance

Ask me about a practical and affordable alternative to your bank’s mortgage insurance plans.

Health & Dental Insurance
Travel Insurance

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Corporate Insurance :: JR Financial

Whether you are a private business owner, a professional, or a key executive we will work closely with you to build a personalized insurance and financial planning strategy to meet your goals. Using our integrated full service approach, we provide effective solutions to your insurance and risk management needs, including. Using tax efficient strategies to withdraw cash from your business. Reducing finance risks and improve creditor protection.


Corporate Financial Planning :: JR Financial

We work with clients to develop a strategic plan that will minimize risk while maintaining solid growth whether it is a pension plan, RRSPs or Non-registered funds. We provide our clients with tax-effective planning in a corporate and personal environment that are designed to maximize growth. Effective investment management plans should be based on strategic asset allocation to reduce risk and increase returns.


Employee Benefits Plans :: JR Financial

A flexible yet comprehensive executive and employee benefits program is an important part of a total compensation package that attracts and retains the right people. Whether you have a growing and successful business or not depends on your ability to attract and retain quality employees. A benefit package does not have to be expensive. Tax Deductible Key Employee Benefit Plans. Short and long term disability Insurance.


Estate Planning :: JR Financial

Assess your current financial situation.* create a realistic plan to meet your financial goals.* understand how to meet your financial and retirement goals.* put your financial plan into action and monitor your progress.* update your financial plan to grow with your changing needs and goals.


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This question requires careful consideration. How much money would my family need?.