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By: Clayton Shultz  09-12-2011
Keywords: Litigation, Litigation Support

of shareholder disputes and other financial disagreements. opinions for transactions between shareholders; marketing the business, litigation; buy-sell agreements; listing on a stock exchange, estate settlement, capital gains taxation, and expropriation. services provide clients with a full, needs-based, financial plan to help them achieve their financial goals. As well, advice is available on specific problems or situations that need to be dealt with immediately, such as pension and retirement options, retooling an investment portfolio, or analyzing debt efficiency and cash flow problems. CSA is not associated with any supplier of products and its only remuneration is derived from client fees.

Other Services
As well, CSA provides Litigation Support in respect of securities matters including preparation of reports as to losses over time, returns under alternate asset mixes, and the regulatory responsibilities of investment advisors and their supervisors. See our . Further, CSA handles Consulting Assignments concerning the professional responsibility of chartered accountants; governance issues within a municipality; a public enquiry, and the reorganization of an administrative body.

Subject to the permission of clients and their counsel, references may be provided to prospective clients in any of the foregoing categories.

Keywords: Litigation, Litigation Support