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By: Avidworx  09-12-2011

Modular Design
Flexible arrangement can grow/contract as store's needs change, saving traditional 'rebuilding' costs and labor, store closure time, mess, hassle. Fits your space exactly and you invest in only what you need at the moment.

Wall-mount Design
Save yourself the time and hassle of gyproc dust and remodelling with this wall-mounted system. Leave your walls fully intact, rearrange panels as your store changes.

Wire Management
End the nightmare of TV wiring madness. Out of sight and out of mind - this gives your store a clean, professional look and lowers your blood pressure because the rat's nest will be gone! Customers will enjoy a flawless product presentation since the mess of the wires is fully concealed behind front-access panels. Hidden wires also helps to educate the customer on a key purchasing benefit of flat panel TV's - the clean & simple look!

Product Story Holders
Customers are more likely to buy a product the more educated they are about it Help them learn the features and benefits of your products by placing the information directly beside the unit. Clear glossy holders provide a professional, organized look and allow another opportunity to present your store's logo and product pricing without sticking messy tags on the products. Product Story holders help avoid hand-written tags which are childish and raise doubts about professionalism and trust.

Sophisticated Look
Flat panel TV's attract high-end clients. Keep this clientele interested in your store with the classy, rich wood tones of the panels. A higher-end customer expects a sophisticated presentation for a sophisticated product - give them what they expect!

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Removable Product Plates/Temporary Plates Quickly and easily change speakers/products without messing with or damaging the complete unit so it looks clean and professional 100% of the time. Raised Stage Floor Provides a specialty, expert atmosphere for the Bass hungry customer, and gives them a commanding view of the rest of the store.