Orthovisc for Successfully Combating Knee Joints Pain

By: AMA Meds  19-06-2012
Keywords: Knee Joint Pain

An acute pain in knee joint is common among large number of people all over the world. Women, who attain menopause and who have dearth of calcium in the body, are found to be attacked by the pain of this kind. The disease in medical term is known as osteoarthritis. When a person is attacked by osteoarthritis, synovial fluid present in the knees is dried up. In such condition, he or she cannot stand or walk properly. He or she is, thus, deprived of maintaining normal life. People consume pain reliever drugs for some time and they follow instructions of the physicians who prescribe physiotherapy exercises. What would they do if they do not get rid of unbearable pain in the knee joints? Orthovisc is the medicine available to the people to combat such attack on the knees and this medicine has been approved by the FDA in February 2, 2005.

Orthovisc is prepared with Hysluronam.  It is prepared from ultra pure Hyaluronan.  Hysluronam is a thing which works as synovial fluid that is necessary for the knee joints for exact movements. Orthovisc functions like a shock absorber and also like a lubricant in the affected area. It has been found that Orthovisc works well for the patient of osteoarthritis and provides them great relief.

Orthovisc has not been derived from avian sources. It is, therefore, safe for the people who experience allergies if they consume chickens or eggs. It is good again for the reason that patients do not feel pain of any sort for the six months after they are properly medicated.

Orthovisc is actually injected straight into the knee joints of the people who suffer from osteoarthritis. The orthopedic experts diagnose the patient and prescribe Orthovisc. They decide the dose required for any particular patient. Health condition of the patient, his medical accounts, his age and such other factors are taken into consideration. Generally, injections are charged for three or four weeks with a program of once in a week. Yes, overdose can create serious problems.

The patients should be aware of the side effects, well in advance. Headache, slight rise in body temperature, pain in the area which has been injected etc are common among the patients after they are injected for the first time. Of course, these symptoms are of temporary nature. The patients must follow advices of the physician. It is advised that they must not lift weight for the following two days after medication. The patients must buy this medicine from trusted sources only.

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Keywords: Knee Joint Pain

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