Fast Facts on Hyalgan

By: AMA Meds  05-05-2012
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Hyalgan is used in visco supplementation. It is one of the FDA approved treatment for knee joint pain. This drug is available in form of injections containing a solution of sodium hyaluronate which substitutes the natural chemical or synovial fluid found in the human body.

Hyalgan is a type of ‘viscous solution’ and has been used to treat the knee pain in the patients with osteoarthritis and joint inflammation. This drug primarily consists of sodium hyaluronate, extracted from the rooster combs. The hyaluronate or hyaluronan is quite similar to the natural substance present in the joints.

The medication is used to treat the knee pain in the patients with osteoarthritis or joint inflammation. It is generally used in the patients who have not responded well to the other treatments like physical therapy, exercise, acetaminophen or any other.

It is used to relieve the knee pain caused due to osteoarthritis and for those patients who failed to obtain effective results from exercise, simple pain killers and physical therapy. Hyaluronan or hyaluronate present in the medicine is quite similar to that of the substance that occurs naturally in joints. It works by acting as a shock absorber or a lubricant, thereby assisting the knee to move smoothly and lessening the pain.

It is suggested that the medication should be taken with proper consultation. You must be in contact with the pharmacist or doctor while undergoing the treatment. Moreover, if you are allergic to bird proteins, or feathers or egg products or you have other allergic issues then you must inform your pharmacist or doctor.

Hyalgan contains inactive ingredients including latex which is found in rubber syringe and which can even cause allergic problems and other reactions as well. Before you choose to start with the treatment, it would be advised to reveal your medical history related to skin infections, joint infections and problems in the area around the site of injection or any circulation problems.

It is important that you follow the instructions as provided by your doctor or a health care professional while undergoing the treatment procedure. If you have questions in your mind, then you must ask the pharmacist or doctor. Your doctor will probably administer the medication into the affected joint once each week.

You must be recommended not to use certain skin disinfectants that might contain ammonium salts like benzalkonium chloride etc. Your doctor might require eliminating extra fluid from joint before injecting the solution. Usually, the dosage is based on the medical condition and how well you response to the treatment.

Extra care needs to be ensured before injecting the medication. The administered dosage is typically based on the medical condition of the patient and how he or she response to the treatment. The hyaluronate must not be injected into an artery or vein as increased side effects can take place. After receiving the hyaluronate injection, it is strictly advised not to take part in any weight lifting activities that may put stress on the knees. Normally, patients are advised to avoid strenuous activities for about 48 hours or so.

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Keywords: buy juvederm

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