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By: Allyson Burden CCH RSHom(NA) NES  02-04-2014
Keywords: alternative medicine, natural medicine, Holistic Medicine

The treatment of autistic children and even adults has matured through 300 cases over the last three years and is called CEASE Therapy. It has also proven effective for other conditions like Lyme, or severe environmental sensitivities. Step by step, all causative factors (vaccines, prescribed or OTC medications, environmental toxic exposures, sequalae to illness, etc.) are detoxified with the homeopathically prepared substances that caused the insult to the brain, nervous, and immune system. Using specific potencies of the indicated substances clears the sufferer's energetic field of the imprint of toxic substance or disease. Orthomolecular support is an essential aspect of the process. Read more at http://www.cease-therapy.com/

Keywords: alternative medicine, autism, CEASE Practitioner, Holistic Medicine, Homeopathy, natural medicine,

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