By: Accpac  09-12-2011

Almost every Accpac Reseller wants to have its own Accpac add-on products on the market. This needs time, money and people!

One of the major businesses for Accounting Package World Services Inc. (or ACCPACWORLD) is to develop add-on products for Accpac Resellers. ACCPACWORLD does not sell developed products to the customers or Accpac software end users.

There are two great products have been finished and opening for Accpac Resellers and Business Partners to select, "Easy Offset" and "Selective Dayend".

Product 1.

"Best Product makes AR and AP talking to each other!"

Easy Offset is for companies who have customers that are also vendors. The module integrates Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable. This product has wildly usage among businesses in franchise or brokerage areas. For example, in insurance business, if the company owes 500 dollars to a broker as sales commission and the company also has receivable invoices, by using Easy Offset, it allows to select any due invoice(s) to be offset 500 dollars by a credit note and offset AP another credit note against the broker as a vendor. This is AR Offset AP. If the broker owes money to the insurance company then AP Offset AR can be the other way around.

  • Product initially designed under an insurance company live request.
  • Automatically manage both AR and AP offset document numbers.
  • Support multi-currency and manage the exchange rate automatically.
  • Auto-matching customer to vendor and versa vice, allow creating new customer and vendor during the process.
  • Fully Accpac SDK developed module with add-in views and web deployment ready OCX forms.
  • Incorporate activation process to generate license file for the client.
  • Install package with demo version is ready.

Product 2.

"Best Product makes Accpac becoming a true ERP solution!"

Dare to say for this decade Accpac has been struggling to offer more and more flexible cost management solutions to suit today's real industry needs. Like FIFO and LIFO costing. Accpac 5.3 allows costing items during posting, but this is not enough. In the food industry for example, FIFO costing is very common. If the additional cost for the PO receipts such as transportation fee has not been entered before certain sales orders dayend processed against the buckets, FIFO costing may lose the track! In this case, Selective Dayend is a must buy!

Selective Dayend is a product allows the user to select Orders, Shipments and Invoices from OE and Receipts and Invoices from PO for Accpac dayend process. After installing the product, those OE and PO transactions will no longer be processed during Accpac normal dayend process unless the user selects them!

Selective Dayend can be treated as an Accpac dayend process control console, which can lead Accpac IC dayend process to the user desired ways.

Other usage can be applied to Selective Dayend, like transaction volume control, security control, etc.

  • Use Accpac GL Account Number Security control methodology.
  • Fully Accpac SDK developed module with add-in views and web deployment ready OCX forms.
  • Incorporate activation process to generate license file for the client.

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