By: Accpac  09-12-2011

  Accounting Package World Services Inc. (ACCPACWORLD) is proud to be a unique service provider for Accpac software development. We team up people and resources just dedicate to do so. All Accpac Business Partners and Resellers should feel safe to work with us because we are a helper instead of a competitor!

Our development services include:

  •  Sage Accpac add-on product development.
  •  Subcontract work for Sage Accpac customization and development.
  •  Development support and onsite programming service.

We can consider offering the source code for subcontract service. It depends on the level of cooperation, security and well pay.

For New products which have been developed from us, we consider the following:

Business Modal



ProprietorshipBuy out the product with exclusive ownershipOwns the product 100%
Partnership Flexible rate for good revenue shareOwns percentage of the product with control of Exclusive Sales


Become a reseller to sell the product only

Only rights to sell

Other products and services from Accpac



If the additional cost for the PO receipts such as transportation fee has not been entered before certain sales orders dayend processed against the buckets, FIFO costing may lose the track. Selective Dayend is a product allows the user to select Orders, Shipments and Invoices from OE and Receipts and Invoices from PO for Accpac dayend process.