F-crimp and F-compression cable connectors

By: Abm Products  09-12-2011

F6 Knurled Crimp Connector (IS-K)

F6KC Knurled Compression Connector

F59KC Knurled Compression Connector

F6 Connector (IS/WS)

F6 Connector (360)

F6-61-KC Compression Connector

Details — F59IS-K & F6IS-K Knurled Series:

We offer 10 different types of F59 and F6 Series crimp connectors - from standard F59, 60% braid to Quadshield.

Details — F59 & F6 Series:

Combining our knurled head, with state of the art compression technology, K/C series connectors are the perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Details - Knurled Compression Connectors:

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