Long-life battery powered GPS tracking with in-built RFID asset management

By: 4hsolutions  09-12-2011
Keywords: Asset Management, tracking

The i-tag is ideal for tracking just about any remote asset, whether it has a power supply or not.

Light and compact at 15cm x 6cm x 2cm, this self-contained unit has no external wires or connections so is easy to fit and maintain yourself.

It is ideal for those who want to track high value non-powered items, or those that only need to know an asset location once a day rather than minute-by-minute.

Each i-tag comes fitted with an internal RFID tag so now you can manage your assets as well as track their locations. You can activate asset management from day one, or as your needs evolve.

The i-tag is ideal for:

Why should I choose the i-tag?

  • Small, light and discreet with no lights or tracking logo to attract unwanted attention
  • Long battery life - average of 3 years
  • No installation or maintenance charges
  • 100% Web based - available from any computer connected to the Internet
  • No special software required and no limit on the number of users*
* GPS tracking only
We used to rely on power from the lights so could only check where our trailers were when the lights were switched on. Now we can find out where our trailers are at any time.

Keywords: Asset Management, tracking

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