Reduce Your Alcohol Cravings

Reduce Your Alcohol Cravings from 2nd Wind Body Science

By: 2nd Wind Body Science  11-10-2010
Keywords: Reduce Your Alcohol Craving

Why does a few drinks make some people happy, others sleepy, a few aggressive and a select few ill?  Alcohol reactions are more based on our unique biochemistry.  Environment and upbringing are strong influences as well.  But, the physical side of alcohol craving is more deeply rooted than childhood memories. 

By discovering your specific biochemistry, you can lose the physical need for alcohol or still enjoy alcohol with minimized effects.  Learn the 6 basic alcohol biochemistry types of people and what you can do about it.  Our books and course also describe the behavior changing systems used by psychologists to reprogram your personal habits towards stronger, healthier ones.

Book is authored by Doug Setter, BSc. who grew up in an alcoholic family and lost friends and relatives to this condition.  Doug discovered safe, effective alcohol withdrawal while working in an isolated military post where alcoholism was the norm and suicide not uncommon.

Keywords: Reduce Your Alcohol Craving