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By: Custom Bag  09-12-2011
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Kangabags can supply you with many different nylon products. We have only a limited number of stock items on hand as samples of our quality products. We specialize in custom manufacturing of products built to your specifications, as each item is made to order.

Our hand crafted Kangabags products are manufactured from heavyweight, tear resistant and water resistant, Cordura ® nylon. Lighter grades of denier nylon can be used, depending on the application. The nylon handles are box-stitched at stress points and, where possible, go completely around the bag for added strength.

Our zippers are a top-quality nylon and we hold the whole bag together with mildew and rot proof nylon thread. A total top quality bag that is built to last!

Our custom manufactured products are made to your design specifications including colour choices and silk-screen printed logos.

We can supply you with many different nylon products:

  • straps, belts, webbing, harnesses, leashes
  • briefcases, portfolios, shoulder bags, attaches, money bags
  • personal use bags for travel, shaving kits, toiletries, fanny packs
  • tool or equipment bags for cars, trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles
  • carry cases for electronic equipment and games
  • purses, wallets, pouches, totes
  • backpacks
  • orchard picking bags
  • banners
  • sport bags for:
    • hockey gear, sticks, pucks
    • baseball gear, bats, balls
    • ski equipment and boots
    • racquet sports, bowling
    • swimming, skating, golf

This is just a suggested list as it is limited only by our customers’ imaginations.

All products are made to order in your choice of colour & style.
Screen print is available for team or corporate logos.

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Assorted Backpacks

  • Various sizes.
  • Assorted colours & styles

Large Backpacks

  • Large front pocket.

  • Two side pockets.
  • Covered zipper.

Dimensions: 22”x12”x4”

Avalanche Backpack

  • Unique slim shape.
  • Detachable front pouch.
  • Extra webbing.

Dimensions: 20”x14”x6w”

Mechanics Packpack

  • 2 Main compartments.
  • Various tool & zippered pouches.
  • Large front pocket.
  • Padded back.

Dimensions: 22”x15”x7w”

Deluxe Knapsack

  • 3 separate zippered compartments.
  • Side mesh pockets.
  • Organizer compartment.

Dimensions: 22”x10.5”x3w”

Camel Packpack

  • 2 Main compartments.
  • One section for a water bladder(not included).
  • Flat front zippered pocket.
  • Great for dirt biking!

Large Hockey Goalie Bag

Hockey Bag

  • Front zipper pocket.
  • Two side pockets.

Dimensions: 17”x18”x9”

Ski Boot Bag

  • Separate middle compartment for boots.

Dimensions: 10”x14”x6”

Skate Bag

  • Personal bag for 1 pair of ice or inline skates.

Dimensions: 14”x30”x14”

Deluxe Large Equipment Bag

  • Multi-purpose bag.
  • Front zipper pocket.
  • Two side pockets.

Bowling Ball/Shoe Bag

  • Various sizes to fit bowling ball and/or shoes.
  • Optional sectioned partition.
  • Hard bottom to support balls.

Dimensions: 24”x13”x13w”

Soccer Sports Bag

  • Large main compartments
  • 2 side pockets
  • Front flat pocket
  • 1 front pouch & water bottle holder
  • Pouch for sports ball

Team Sports Bags

  • Deluxe totes in your team colours.
  • Team colours.
  • Silk-screen team logo.

Dimensions: 21”x10.5”x3w”

Motorcycle Bag

  • Middle section & two side pockets.
  • Flat front zippered pocket.
  • Webbing and/or grommets to attach to bike.

Dimensions: 10”x10”x11”

Small Motorcyle Bag

  • Middle section & two side pockets.
  • Flat front zippered pocket.
  • Webbing and/or grommets to attach to bike.


Baseball Bag

  • Personal bag for bats, shoes, glove & equipment.
  • Team bat & ball bags also available.

Dimensions: 18”x11”x7.5w”

Dance Bag

  • Two main sections.
  • Compartments inside for shoes.
  • Water bottle holder on side.


  • Excellent bag for back of ATV
  • Two separate zipper pockets

Bike Saddle Bag Inserts

  • Custom make for hard saddle bags.

Dimensions: 17”x14”x10.5”

Getaway Bike Bag

  • Main large backpack style bag with hidden straps.
  • Expandable bag (expansion is 5").
  • Webbing and/or grommets to attach to bike.
  • Back Velcro & webbing to attach to bike.
  • Top small roll bag with Velcro and webbing.
  • Mesh tarp to hold roll bag in.

Dimensions: 23”x11”x11”

Deluxe Tote

  • One or two side pockets.

  • Two front pouches, flat pocket on either side.

  • Optional carry strap.

Dimensions: 9”x20”x9”

Regular Tote Bag with Side Pocket

  • Front zipper pouch.

  • Side zippered pocket.

Dimensions: 9”x18”x9”

Dimensions: 10”x14”x5”

Travel Bag

  • Multi-purpose bag.

  • Front zipper pocket.

Dimensions: 17”x12”

Custom Canadian Tote Bags

  • Custom tote bag.

  • Front zipper pocket.

  • Two inside pockets.

  • Great idea for a beach bag when traveling.

Dimensions of each pouch: 14”x10”x5”

Saddle Bag

  • Assorted bags for bicycles, motorcycles, snowmobiles, etc.

Small Gear Bag

  • Assorted styles, sizes and colours
  • Great Company incentive & recognition bags

Medium Gear Bag with End                                     Pockets

  • Various sizes
  • Pockets on both ends
  • Excellent gear bags

Medium Gear Bag

  • Assorted styles, sizes and colours
  • Great Company incentive & recognition bags

Large Gear Bag

  • Assorted styles, sizes and colours
  • Great Company incentive & recognition bags

Wardrobe Bags

  • Heavy canvas material

  • Two sizes, 42” or 58” long

  • Large top pocket and 2 bottom pouch pockets

  • Heavy duty zippers and 2 handles

Shaving & Toiletry Bags

  • Assorted shapes & styles.

  • Single or double compartments.

Large Toiletries Bag

  • Two separate compartments
  • Flat zippered pocket on front
  • Carry handles on either side

Deluxe Fanny Pack

  • Large front compartments with two smaller side compartments

Assorted Fanny Packs

  • Various styles and sizes.

Oxygen Tank Bag

  • Custom bag for tanks, various sizes

Mini Purses

  • Flat purses with small front zippered pocket.

  • Great promotional item.

Laptop Bag

  • Padded for extra protection for your laptop.

  • Organizer inside for disks, pens, etc.

  • Outside front pocket.

  • Carry handle and detachable shoulder strap.

  • Inside strap to hold laptop.

approximately 15”x13”

Book/Shopping Bag

  • Various styles.
  • Made from sportlight or canvas.

Orchardist Picking Harness

  • Specialty harness to help reduce the stress of the picking buckets.


  • Assorted colours.

  • Velcro or tie straps.

Wine Bags

  • Various styles.

  • Single or double

  • Insulated

Pager Pouches

  • Small Velcro pouch

  • Webbing on back for belt loop

Puppy Pouch

  • Fits small puppies 3-5 lbs.

  • Denim pouch for puppies.

  • Clip to hold puppy in.

  • Front pouch for those 'little' extras.

Water Polo Net

  • Custom net to fit your water polo frames

Pizza Bags

  • Custom Silk-screened for your business

  • Insulated & lined to keep pizza warm

Dimensions: 12”x15”

Portfolio Bag

  • Single or double front zipper.

Dimensions” 12”x15”x3”

Convention Bag

  • Front pouch.

  • Clear view holder for business cards in front.

  • Additional shoulder strap available.

Dimensions: 12”x16”x6”

Nurses Bag

  • Velcro middle divider. Specialty compartments.
  • Outside pockets on front and back.

Respirator Pouches

  • Various styles and sizes available

  • Belt loops and/or belt clips

Courier Bank Bags

  • Various sizes, from flat portfolio style to large box style bags

  • Selection of materials including a heavy plastic

  • Clear window(s) for identification cards

  • Heavy duty zippers and webbing

  • Grommets on end or double zipper slides for security locking


Wheelchair Bag

  • Personal bag attaches to the front of a wheel chair.
  • Front separate zipper pocket.
  • Easy access to bag.

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