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By: Sky Pilot Design  09-12-2011
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The complete online package.
A web site is not simply just a web site. To be successful, a site needs an entire range things to bring it all together. Once we have discussed your ideas and vision for what you want, we then start to develop your custom web site package. Each customer has different requests and needs, so each web page we design is custom built. No pre-made templates are used.

The main services we offer:

    • Web Site Design - Full service, professional, web design encompassing all major technologies.
    • Web Site Matenance - Keep your site up to date and attractive to repeat visitors.
    • Business Branding - Develop a unique style with colors and logo's to make your business stand out.
    • Search Engine Site Submission and Optimization - Ensure your site is placed where your customers can find it.

What can we design for you?
We are constantly learning the newest techniques in the world of web design. Its impossible to list absolutely every feature we can build for you, there is just too many. Here is a quick list of some of the tools were currently using to develop sites:

    • HTML / XHTML Coding.
    • CSS coding for layout and appearance.
    • ASP & PHP Scripting with database use.
    • Javascript & Macromedia Flash.

You stay in control.
Notice that we've referred to your 'online package'. That's because it is much more than just a website. Our online package also includes features like email accounts, FTP access, secure servers, interactive databases, website statistics, blogging, photo albums and more. All of these features are available to you, with the master username and password. You can feel confident that you have the ultimate control over your online space.

Express yourself online!
Personal websites are becoming very popular. Its a great way to share your thoughts, photos, videos and life in general with pretty much anyone.. or just who you allow access to. The ways you are able to express yourself online is limitless.

What can i put on my site?
Anything you want. That includes photo/video galleries, Blog's, Chat Rooms, interactive satellite maps, file downloads or uploads, games, the list goes on and on.

When would it be useful?
Imagine being on a holiday across the world, then you step into an internet cafe. Your able to update your Blog with your latest stories, photos and even videos. Your friends and family can just visit your site and catch up on the latest. They can even leave comments about whatever you've posted. You can even link your stories to your Google map, and show people satellite photos of the actual place your talking about!

Or maybe you have just expanded your family, and you've got a new little bundle to show off. What new parent doesn't want to share all those exciting moments with thier family and friends?

How about You can create a site for your whole family, and each member of the family has their own area that they can control.

Thats just a few ideas, you can imagine how many different possiblities there can be!

When was the last time you got an email with a bunch of huge photo's attached? You spend time waiting for them to download, then open them up one at a time. You don't get any captions with the photos, so you don't really know what the photo is about. There is a better way! Create a online photo gallery on your website, each photo can have its own caption, and if the visitor wants, they can download the high resolution version.

A personal web site allows you to continually add new things, and anyone interested can check in from time to time to see your latest. We think everyone can agree thats better than having your inbox flooded with large attachments.

More questions? Visit the to get the answers. If your ready to start building your own online space, or today!

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