Services & Assistance to Non Profit Groups

By: Sea To Sky Meals  09-12-2011

The Hotspot has collaborated and made partnerships with several local groups and has been involved in the implementation and planning of many large ongoing and new community projects. Amongst its main services, the Hotspot provides substantial support and assistance to other local non-profit groups.

Some basic examples of the free services we provide are:

  • Administrative assistance
  • Promotional materials and websites
  • Work and meeting space
  • Event planning
  • Grant writing resources
  • Assistance and research
  • Mailing lists
  • E-mail and other communication resources
  • Physical public space
  • Technical/computer training
  • Access to computers/software and as well as volunteer referral and resources
  • And more!

For more specific information about these services, please see the links on the left.

Other products and services from Sea To Sky Meals


Project Assistance

One of the core goals of The Hotspot is to provide services and share resources with other non profit groups and The Hotspot is very eager to share its most valuable asset. The Hotspot hires several youth throughout the year to help to run the public computer lab and community space and provide computer tutoring to the public.


Internet Services

The Hotspot offers several free services for community organizations wanting an Internet presence. These sites are very easy to set up and maintain even for groups with few technical resources.


Office & Location Services

It can be a bit intimidating for new or potential new members and volunteers to visit someone's house and its also not always pleasant for the same few group members to consistently have to play the host. Rather than using and having to publicly promote one of your members' personal mailing address, you may find it more convenient to share ours. By having a physical public location, your group's presence in the community instantly broadens.