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By: Pronamics Control  09-12-2011
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Remote Control Loop Troubleshooting
Send us your control loop problem and we will evaluate the problem and determine if we can provide a solution . If we can, we will work with you to conduct troubleshooting tests to determine the root cause. If Controller tuning is the problem we will determine new tuning constants. We will recommend improvements if the sensor or control valve is the source of the problem.The objective is to help you achieve a fast, effective and inexpensive resolution to a control loop problem.

  • Appriciate the full value of the control loop
  • Optimizes the control loops performance.
  • Evaluates the control loop components performance and maintenance
  • Process Control Optimization & Troubleshooting

    This service is an evaluation and improvement survey for a process area. The primary objective is to identifying the process sources of product variability and process efficiency problems. The survey focuses on improvements to process and control strategy design as well as regulatory loop optimization. Process issues such as poor tank mixing, pipeline design flaws, hydraulic limitations, and pressure pulsations are evaluated and improvements implemented where possible.

  • Improves production efficiency and product quality
  • Reduces process area operating costs.
  • Increases process area throughput.
  • Loop Monitoring System Assistance
    ProNamics will assist ProNamics Loop Monitoring System Optimization Program can play an important role in helping the mill realize the full benefit of these systems in the following areas.
    • Establish realistic and achievable loop performance standards
    • Improve the troubleshooting skills of E&I and process control personnel
    • Conduct Periodic Workshops to prioritize the Loop Monitoring system recommendations and document improvements
    Please refer to our information sheet for further details. Petroleum Pipeline Pressure Control Optimization & Troubleshooting

    ProNamics petroleum pipeline pressure control optimization services have resulted in dramatic improvements in line operation reducing line trips, manifold over pressure and maintenance. Our extensive knowledge of fluid dynamics, control valve dynamics and flow and pressure control have been integral to the successes achieved in our pipeline projects. Part of our ongoing projects with a major North American pipeline company is to validate the pressure control performance as determined by a dynamic simulation of the pipeline process.

  • Optimizes Pressure Control loop performance.
  • Improves maintenance efficiency.
  • Provides a benchmark for future troubleshooting.
  • Improves process performance through improved control performance.
  • Energy Consumption Optimization

    ProNamics will evaluate current energy power consumption and process operating conditions and recommend improvements to reduce energy power Consumption. We will re-evaluate power consumption and process operating conditions to quantify power consumption saveings. and. ProNamics is a BC Hydro Power Smart Alliance Member and our Energy Consumption Optimization Survey are conducted to meet BC Hydro Power Smart Project requirements. Our field tools, which include power loggers, pressure transmitters and high speed data acquisition equipment, are used to document operating conditions, identify opportunities and quantify any implemented improvements. Our dynamic simulation tools assist us in quantifying the impact of process modifications.

    Plant Process Control Optimization Management
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    Keywords: Control Valve