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By: Effective Proposal  09-12-2011

1.) How urgently do you need this work done?

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2.) Tell us whether you use a Mac or Windows, and the name of your word processing software.

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3.) What kind of proposal are you writing?

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4.) Whether you send a file with this form or not, in the space below please tell us about your proposal.

You might want to describe your reader, your purpose, and a little about yourself or your company. (The more the better! A list of points is fine.)

5.) If you have a file to send us, attach it now. You can use the browse buttom below to locate it on your computer.

We will keep your document, and all your information, confidential.

What file are you sending?

You can send us more than one file, but not at one time. Submit the first, and then return to this page.

6.) Please provide the following contact information.

All information will be kept confidential.

7.) Please tell us how you learned about our service. Thanks.

We can only guarantee a 30 minute response during our business hours. If you send a request after business hours, we will respond at the beginning of the following business day.

Currently, our business hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m (Pacific Time Zone) Monday through Friday. The time right now is Monday, 5th December 2011, at 12:10 a.m.

(Pacific Time Zone).

If you urgently require assistance after business hours

, you are welcome to try reaching Launie Gratto at 250-664-6563. Please keep in mind he may not always be available, and is in the Pacific Time Zone.

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