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By: Pacific Erosion Control Systems  09-12-2011
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Whether you require hydroseeding, habitat restoration, fire suppression or dust control in accessible terrain or on extreme alpine slopes, Pacific Erosion Control Systems has you covered!

30 years of experience and corporate environmental sensitivity makes this company a logical and trusted choice for your erosion control needs. Pacific Erosion Control Systems (PECS) stays on the forefront of research and development of the tools of the trade, offering you the best option for your specific requirement. Pacific Erosion Control Systems will provide a professionally designed plan to minimize environmental impact and assure success. PECS offers a team of skilled operators and equipment to achieve your goals.

Pacific Erosion Control Systems Ltd. has developed a highly sophisticated and uniquely integrated system on the truck mounted mixing system. This unique system allows for a perfect blend of seed, water, organic nutrients and tackifier to be applied quickly and effectively.

Our state of the art equipment is operated by our highly experienced, trained professionals.

The "GENESIS" portable mixing and staging unit is a proven, cost effective support system for providing fire retardant to either rotary or fixed wing aircraft during remote fire operations. PECS hydroseeding trucks have proved invaluable in saving structures during wildfires. PECS has truck units available from all-terrain 1500-gallon units to 10,000-gallon truck / trailer combinations. If alpine fire suppression is required, quick-time precision delivery of fire inhibitors by heli-bucket is a most effective way of preserving forestland and property.

Time and the elements are the adversaries in the battle of erosion control. Effective erosion control is a complex mix of timing, product effectiveness and application technique. Delivering it in a remote or environmentally sensitive site can add a substantial degree of difficulty.

Application by helicopter offers the greatest flexibility and range for extreme and remote sites.

Pacific Erosion Control Systems and BPL Industries are pleased to represent Midwest Industrial Supply Inc. as their Western Canadian Distributor. The industry's best available product line has built a reputation for excellence, and is backed by 20 years of experience in dust control.

Enviro-friendly applications other than polymers such as guar plant-based tackifiers or calcium lignosulfonate may be used for short-term protection. PECS has a wide array of solutions and products to choose from which are chosen for the specific objectives of the project.

Bio-Engineering Biotechnical erosion control is a method of construction using living plants or plants in combination with non-living or structural materials.

The following is a partial list of construction techniques, which may be employed singularly or in concert with other techniques to achieve the erosion control objective: Live staking (the use of rootable cuttings – typically willow)

  • Joint/face planting the use of rootable cutting in conjunction with riprap or surface armouring)
  • Wattles (placing rootable cuttings or branches in shallow trenches along the contour of the slope or stream banks)
  • Brush layering ( to provide stabilization below the slope surface)
  • Brushpacking (a repair technique utilizing alternative layers of live cuttings and compacted backfill)
  • Woven willow check dam (to check gully erosion )

Habitat Restoration Whether in the high alpine, wetlands, riparian zones, forests or the Great Plains, Pacific Erosion Control Systems can offer a team of skilled operators and equipment to achieve your goals.


Pacific Erosion Control Systems will provide a professionally designed plan to minimize environmental impact and assure success.

"We do it once and we do it right!"

Keywords: Control Systems, Dust Control, Erosion Control, Erosion Control Systems, Fire Suppression,

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