Education and Training

By: Skr Smithers  09-12-2011

Our staff has taught university credit courses at the University of British Columbia and at the Northwest Community College (NWCC) since 1992.  We also regularly provide various job training programs for NWCC, private industry, and non-profit organizations.

We have experience with college courses for General Biology, Biostatistics, Fish and Wildlife, Fisheries Management, Fish Identification, Wildlife Management, and Population Estimate Techniques.

We have developed and presented workshops and training sessions related to stream classification, riparian management, watershed restoration, fisheries management, and bear awareness.

Our involvement in these educational programs ensures that we constantly alot time to our schedules to remain up to date in our practices and current with today's frequently changing environmental standards.

Other products and services from Skr Smithers


SKR Consultants Ltd. - Scientific Research

Our combined skills in data management and analysis, and our extensive field experience have refined our abilities to design and implement research projects in realistic, efficient and cost-effective ways. We take pride in ensuring that all of our work is designed and conducted in ways that obtain conclusions that are scientifically defendable.


Environmental Consulting Services in Northern and Central BC

We develop and implement effective and defendable plans that minimize or mitigate environmental impacts and meet the requirements of the regulatory agencies in the most cost efficient manner. We strive to provide our with a clear understanding of environmental issues related to various operations.


SKR Consultants Ltd. - Data Management

Our educational background and experience with statistical analyses and data modeling has been used to assist many with various resource and environmental management issues. We have excellent skills and experience with data management, designing data entry and viewing tools, GIS mapping, and providing effective presentation of project results.