Flower Essences and Vibrational Essences

By: Elemental Energies  09-12-2011
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Made in the tradition of Dr. Bach, then further enhanced with pyramid and crystal energy, they work with the body to restore balance and harmony. The effects of vibrational essences are gentle, yet powerful and are experienced differently by each individual with effects that are so subtle they may not be noticed immediately. With time one can appreciate the change in energy facilitated by the flower energy.

Kootenay Flower Essences are made in the beautiful Interior Rainforest region of British Columbia, renowned for its sparkling lakes and clean air.

Using the essences: Take 4 drops under the tongue or in a glass of water, four times a day or when needed. Try putting 7-9 drops in the bath and relax for twenty minutes.

This formula helps us cope with today's stressful lifestyles which have damaging effects on the adrenal glands.

>>> catnip, columbian lily, fuchsia, sea onion

Assists when breathing is difficult and alleviates a feeling of constriction in the chest. Allows one to take a deep breath.

>>> broccoli, caraway, echinacea, mullein, nightflowering catchfly, selfheal, snowball, stinging nettle, St. John's wort, white crocus, wooly yarrow

Brightens up our lives when we are feeling dull or low, especially in the winter months.

>>> meadowsweet, oxeye daisy, sunshine essence

For irritability when we are over-heated. For "hot people and those who are hot-tempered".

>>> fireweed, iris blend, lily of the valley, ocean spray, pansy, sorrel blend, stinging nettle, sunshine essence

Originally created for childbirth. This formula will also benefit those approaching any task which requires great effort, persistence and patience.

>>> Bicknell's geranium, morning glory, potato, yarrow blend, zucchini

Calms and soothes. Restores balance to hormone levels.

>>> Bicknell's geranium, lady's mantle, pear, raspberry, yellow glacier lily

Strengthens our immune system and increases our vital energy.

>>> echinacea, fuchsia, pansy, peony, red clover, St. John's Wort, white crocus, white yarrow

Helps us to see the humour in any situation and take ourselves less seriously.

>>> asparagus, black hollyhock, purple lilac, St. John's Wort, zinnia

Helps reduce tension and irritability when feeling rushed and crowded.

>>> black hollyhock, dandelion , echinacea, feverfew, lavender, periwinkle, St. John's Wort, sea onion, sweet pepper, sunshine essence

For times when we are feeling depleted, especially following an illness, stressful time or on days when we have no get up and go.

>>> clematis, echinacea, fireweed, selfheal,sweet pea

Brings into our lives those things that enrich us enabling us to gratefully receive love, joy, money or anything that would make us feel rich in life.

>>> garden pea, pineapple weed, wild ginger, St. John's Wort


Once you have decided to quit smoking, this combination will assist you to keep your resolve and ease the transition while you recover from this addiction.

>>> burdock, dandelion, nicotiana, morning glory, yarrow blend

Promotes relaxation and release of tension which can lead to disturbed rest. Brings about emotional balance and harmony.

>>> chamomile, lavender bud, valerian

Protects from negative energies from others and our surroundings. and still allows us to feel compassion for the suffering around us. Strengthens boundaries and integrity. A good essence blend for those who work closely with people.

>>> pink, white and wooly yarrows

For times of trauma, accident and shock. When under stress of any kind, take 4 drops under the tongue as soon as possible and repeat as necessary. May also be sipped from a glass of water to which 4 drops of First Aid have been added, or applied directly on to the skin.

>>> dandelion, grape hyacinth, pansy, selfheal, St. John's Wort

COMBINATION ESSENCES SET~ 16 essences in total !!!
Complete Set of 15 essences + 1 extra First Aid essence.
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