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By: West Wind Hardwood Inc.  19-11-2010
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The Philosophy of OLI-NATURA

OLI-NATURA offers the professional user biologically unobjectionable products on the basis of natural and nature-orientated raw materials with the highest possible cost-effectiveness. The drying and handling characteristics of oils are greatly determined by the proportion of unsaturated fatty acids which react with the oxygen in the air (they oxidize) and cause the oil to harden.

Olive oil, for instance, never hardens. Sunflower oils or soy oils, which are often found in other eco-friendly products, have a low proportion of unsaturated fatty acids and thus dry very slowly. Under warm conditions they soften again and tend to produce a sticky, easily soiled surface.

OLI-NATURA products have a high proportion of drying linseed oils, wood oils and modified natural resins. These components dry quickly and cannot be melted after having hardened. Therefore, the surface is much more protected and easier to clean.

OLI-NATURA products are free of solvent additives, such as orange or lemon peel oil. These substances evaporate over time and can lead to allergic reactions in higher concentrations.

When necessary we use high-purity low-odour Isopar. Isopar is used for medical purposes and fulfils the standards of the German Book of pharmaceuticals. Solvents are used to increase the oils ability to penetrate wood and to reduce the effort needed for buffing. Project oil and yacht & teak oil are two examples where Isopar solvent is used.

Without biosides and preservatives

OLI deliberately avoids the addition of biocides and preservatives. OLI-NATURA oils and waxes form a natural membrane that protects the wood from moisture without limiting its diffusion ability notably. Due to the woods ability to breathe and at the same time prevent the penetration of water, the danger of fungal decay and decomposition is being reduced significantly in a natural way. However, OLI-NATURA products are not suitable for application in areas in which no sufficient ventilation can be guaranteed

and retaining moisture is very probable.

UV protection

All OLI-NATURA oils which are recommended for the use outdoors, have a highly effective UV blocker as an extra, which reduces the damaging and destructive effect of the intensive UV rays significantly. The natural ageing of the wood is being delayed and the oil keeps its protective effect.

Oli-Natura Product Range

OLI-NATURA Hard Wax Oil is a special oil and wax combination for wood surfaces. The oil soaks deeply into the wood, while the wax remains on the surface producing a low-lustre silky finish. The protected surface is easy to clean, and resistant to dirt and water.

OLI-NATURA Project Oil
is our universal oil made of modified natural resins with a 60% solid proportion. It is suitable for all interior wood surfaces. The protected surface is very resistant to wear and is able to breathe, repel water and regulate moisture.

OLI-NATURA HS Professional Oil is an extremely wear-resistant high solid (98%) oil made of modified natural resins which highlight the woods natural colours. Surfaces are easy to clean and extremely resistant to water and household chemicals.

OLI-NATURA HS Colour Oil is a coloured, deep soaking high solid oil. It offers a natural way to treat and colour your wood floors with only one coat. The micro sized, non-fading pigments saturate the wood’s upper pores giving a long-lasting water and dirt resistance.

OLI-NATURA Yacht & Teak Oil is our universal oil for exterior wood with a highly effective long term UV resistance. Designed specifically for the weatherproof treatment and care of yacht decks, verandas, pool surroundings and garden furniture.

OLI-NATURA Care Wax is a liquid rich in waxes, producing an easy to- clean protective coat. Used for the repair of oiled, waxed and lacquered wood, parquet and cork surfaces. Various glosses can be achieved.

OLI-NATURA Wood Soap is a soft cleaning soap concentrate for the regular care of all oil and wax treated interior wood, parquet and cork floors. Floors clean easily and thoroughly without harming the surface.

OLI-NATURA Outdoor Cleaner is a soft intensive cleaner for all exterior weathered wood surfaces. Dirt and green growth come off easily without damaging the wood.

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