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By: Quantum Ties  09-12-2011

QTI Learning Experience – Using Insights Discovery

QTI uses the Insights Discovery Psychometric Assessment Tool as the foundation for much of its work:
  1. Insights Discovery Profile

  2. QTI Exploration Day

  3. 1-on-1 Extended Learning

  4. Leadership Review

  1. We use your unique 23 page Insights Discovery profile as an “information foundation”, and then assist you in a personal and professional exploration of your physiological, mental and emotional perceptions. Our hope is that your individual Profile will provide some confirmation of how you perceive yourself, or perhaps important questions about any gap between what you “told” the evaluator, and the results of that telling, as it appears within your Profile.
  2. The QTI Exploration Day introduces a powerful, yet simple, common language which we build on to enhance communication, assist people to discover their core gifts and raise awareness of individual responses to stress. If we’re working with an intact team, we also provide an analysis of group dynamics. Through presentation, materials and drawing on your own wisdom, this exploration is 25% based on the Insights Discovery model and 75% based on our QTI models and the latest scientific research. Throughout the QTI Learning Experience we will recognize and celebrate the fact that each person is unique – with different styles, needs, expectations, reactions, and responses. In the differences are great strengths.
  3. We will arrange for each of you to receive your 1-on-1 Extended Learning session as a follow-up to the full-day. We use this 90 minute session to specifically address the unique graph readings that accompany the Profile and continue your exploration of your own authentic gifts. This is a high value-added aspect of the offering.
  4. After the Extended Sessions, it is our privilege to serve as an “advocate” for your preferences and core gifts during the Leadership Review with your leader.
The Unique QTI/Insights Applications:

Rapidly Assimilated Common Language

The unique QTI/Insights approach provides for quick and effective use of a common language – particularly important in facilitating effective communications that are imperative during times of rapid change.

By the end of your first one-day Insights session the individuals and the group will immediately be able to use the Insights language and understanding of individual physiological and socialized preferences to: present ideas, address issues, alleviate stress, promote understanding, set strategic direction and achieve individual and corporate goals.

Transforming Stress and Disconnection

The unique QTI/Insights application places emphasis on raising awareness and meeting the needs of individuals and groups in mid-to-high levels of stress, in professional situations - so often the cause of disconnections in the workplace. We provide comprehensive quantitative and qualititative tools for understanding, and identifying solutions to lead a group or individual back to effectiveness. This unique application is able to track the individual's experience with the conscious and less conscious persona as well as the high-stress “shadow“ experience.

Enhancing Sales/Service

The unique QTI/Insights application provides a very specific sales and service overview and application for individuals and groups, allowing individuals and their leaders to make the best use of their natural sales/service preferences that contributes directly to individual and team effectiveness.

Facilitates Benchmarking and Action-Planning

The unique QTI/Insights approach provides benchmarking capabilities. We work with individuals on a one-on-one basis in a Core Gifts extended learning session to address the specific and unique quantitative information in their Insights Profile. This information relates directly to how the individual may be over-using or under-using their preferences, and allows for action planning stemming from this awareness.

Provides Culture Assessment and Effective Solutions

The unique QTI/Insights approach includes a comprehensive look at a team, group or organization's culture. This is especially important for leaders and team members to be aware of, as they embrace their organization's natural culture preferences. Today's business realities frequently experience the merging of corporate cultures or a complete shift in business direction, so we work with leaders to facilitate effective solutions for incorporating the core gifts of each individual, while leading the natural culture preferences to move the organization to its new and effective future.


Increases in Energy & Service Capacity


  • Customer Service Levels
  • Employee Productivity
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Learning Capacity
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Employee Retention
  • Profitability
  • Contribution – body, mind, heart, spirit

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