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By: Innsource Solutions  09-12-2011
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ReServe Interactive is the only software program with Event Lifecycle Technology™, a process-driven design that automatically prompts for information required at each stage in an event’s lifecycle.

This assistive design guarantees that ReServe Interactive is easier to learn, more efficient to use and the data gathered is always accurate and complete.


Automated Event Book — manages unlimited sites and locations, prevents double bookings, displays availability, maintains wait lists, copies repeat events.

Automated Document Creation — Generate professional contracts, event orders, invoices and other documents automatically in seconds and eliminate redundant administrative tasks and needless typing.

Calendar for Off Premise Events — presents the schedule of booked events, maintains a list of preferred locations with directions and details, copies repeat events.

Contact Management — maintains a comprehensive customer database including visit and spending history, documents telephone conversations, tracks correspondence and e-mail messages, manages leads and automatic tracers for follow up actions when prospecting.

Automatic Tracers — Ensure thorough project management and proactive customer service with automated daily "to-do" lists and follow-up reminders.

Setup & Service Wizards — Input setup and service requirements and generate checklists quickly using automated wizards that minimize date input and ensure standard communications. Manage equipment inventory, create packing lists and more.

Event Change Auditing — Automatically tracks and reports changes to an event and prints revised Event Orders.

Professional Contracts, Event Orders, Invoices and Other Documents — created in seconds, eliminates redundant administrative tasks and needless typing.

Fully Integrated E-mail Capability — sends messages with automatically generated attachments.

Custom Correspondence With Logos — offers unmatched flexibility to create personalized letters that automatically insert desired contact and event fields.

Robust Financial Management — produces forecasts, invoices, aging reports, payment summaries, cost reports, and detailed sales and lost business analyses.

Security Control — limits access to features on a per-user basis.

Marketing Tools — tracks referrals and implements direct mail and e-mail promotional campaigns.

Keywords: Customer Service

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InnSource Solutions Inc - callacct

Genesis' ability to collect & bill call records in real time, merge HOBIC/Autoquote call data, apply your surcharges and markups and post to your Property Management System, automatically, reduces guest check-out time and the possibility of costly mistakes. Consolidate telephone charges with other guest charges. Full Audit & Profit Reporting.


InnSource Solutions Inc - onres

With AccomPro customers are able to check available inventory and complete a booking online making the reservation process more efficient and less time consuming to both parties. InnSource Solutions has teamed with OnRes Systems to provide our clients with an online reservations solution specifically designed for accommodation providers. System using the OnRes Web Reservation interface to AccomPro.


InnSource Solutions Inc - solutions

ReServe Interactive by Efficient Frontiers InnSource Solutions is the first and only Certified Canadian distributor of ReServe Interactive, a fully integrated suite of software products comprising of Catering and Event Management software, Dining Reservations and Table Management software, and a strong compliment of add-on modules.


InnSource Solutions Inc - services

From initial consulting to post-implementation services we offer a complete offering of services to ensure the smooth operation of your business and the establishment of a lasting business relationship. Our commitment to excellence in personal customer service is what sets us apart from our competition and defines us as the ‘Total Solution’ for your hospitality technology needs.


InnSource Solutions Inc - interfaces

In addition to posting movie/video entertainment charges automatically to the guest's account, this interface enables the system to restrict Movie/Video Guest Services during the check-in process for guests with a method of payment considered to be cash. It's primary function is to automatically open or close the guests voice mail box upon check-in or check-out, in addition it will automatically transfer the guests mailbox upon room change.