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Keywords: Cards, incense, Kitras Art Glass

Products are chosen at Dragon Horse based on their ability to touch your spirit. From the obvious with Crystal Bowls and Metaphysics, to the less obvious greeting cards, everything is chosen by how it touches our hearts. Sometimes it's just a card that makes us laugh out loud or makes us tear up the message is so touching. Often they are just so beautiful they make us feel good.

We have so many products in the store it's hard to know where to start. We have over 250 suppliers. We love Walltalk which is an amazing way to bring positive messages and affirmations into your home at a reasonable price!

One of our favorites is Escents body care and home fragrance products. They are all natural and available in the most lovely and sometimes unusual scent combinations. Who else would think of Peppermint and Vanilla?!

Kitras Art Glass balls are spectacular. People are often afraid of the fragile nature of glass. These glass ball are truly beautiful, but durable as well. A short while ago, we were arranging the Kitras Glass balls on the tree that we hang them on. I was placing one on the top tier. It slipped out of my hand and in slow motion did a pinball machine impression as it fell through the tree hitted steel branches and crashing into and bouncing off of numerous glass balls. There was not a chip on a single ball.

Shoyeido Incense is our best line of incense. It is Japanese, pure, natural, sandalwood based and heavenly to use. Erin's favorite scent is Nokiba which smells most like the sandalwood incense that is used in temples and on altars. It is astonishing that this wonderful incense is priced comparable to all of our other incense lines. 

Keywords: Cards, incense, Kitras Art Glass

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