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By: Bobbi Raes Candy  09-12-2011

Bobbi Raes » Technician School

X-ray techs can find a lot of fun and interesting accounts to follow on Twitter if they only take the time to look for them. But who wants to take the time sorting through countless Twitter accounts to find good ones for x-ray techs? There is no need to look. You will find 10 must-follow Twitter accounts for x-ray techs right here.


This Twitter account is geared toward all medical imaging professionals. These Tweets talk about specific cases, diagnoses, giveaways, and wireless dictation. This is a great account to turn to for some good x-ray tech related information.


This Twitter feed represents a professional online community of all types of radiology professionals. This feed presents a parade of random radiology cases for you to take a look at.


This Twitter stream talks about the basic principles of radiology and about the schooling that is needed to perform different jobs. Whether you are an x-ray tech now or just hope to be one soon this stream will be able to teach you something.


This Twitter stream lets you know about a ton of radiology tech job openings around the country. If you are looking for a new job or if you want to know what openings exist just in case this is the Twitter stream for you.


This Twitter account gives you nonstop Tweets with interesting topics for x-ray techs. From an x-ray of a baby python to a 3D CT of a dragon fruit you are going to find Tweets here that will draw you in.


This Twitter stream has more personal Tweets and gives you access to a web site where you can get radiologist gifts. There are funny Tweets about working as an x-ray tech to be found in this Twitter stream too.


This Twitter account centers many of its Tweets on MRI scan topics although there are plenty of other random Tweets here too. For x-ray techs the MRI Tweets are probably the ones that will be the most interesting and possibly even helpful. The random snippets of conversations taken completely out of context are enjoyable as well.


This Twitter stream is a mix of excellent quotes, friendly messages, and radiologic topics. Interesting Tweets include topics like how radiology can change your life and the risks of radiology.


This is a Twitter account where you will find some interesting discussions with other people on Twitter. The fact that many of these Tweets are not just isolated statements makes them more compelling.


This feed is just fun because it offers you image challenges to test out your skills and your luck. This feed has a lot to say and you would do well to take the time to hear it all.

These 10 must-follow Twitter accounts for x-ray techs can all share something with you. They have all have knowledge, personality, and an interest in this field. You can benefit from everything they offer up but only if you start following.

T.R. Rheinecker blogs on many topics, including how to determine where to find radiology schools online.

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