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They say a good picture is worth a thousand words and it’s true so be sure to take quality digital images of your suites or rooms.  Your shots should be done with a quality camera and make sure to use wide angle lenses so you can capture as much of the room as possible. Always shoot in high resolution as you might want those perfect pictures for print materials later on. High resolution can always be reduced for web applications.

Tip: If you label your images with name_master you will always know which images are your high resolutions shots. Save your smaller web ready shots in a folder labeled 800 by 600 and name them by room / view description.

Your objective in capturing your tourism facility is to ensure that it shows on your website at 95 % of a customers perception.  We have all seen the web sites with the ‘too good to be true – perfect sunset shot overlooking the ocean’. Your photography should depict the level of service and facilities that you are offering. If you overdress your rooms or your view shots you may find that your guests are disappointed when they arrive. Remember to always under promise and over deliver. If your photography is shot correctly for your website you should hear your guests saying…this is even better than in the pictures.

Here’s another little trick from the Interior Design side of the business.  Take a picture of your room/suite  and print it for the wall. Review the shot and write down all the things you like that you see in the room and then all the things you don’t. now go back to the room and take away all those things you didn’t like and then re-shoot the picture. Better now? Sometimes when you are in the business you can’t see the forest for the trees and this is a great way to re-merchandise your suites/accommodations one frame at a time.

At SunTech, we would be happy to help you with your digital imaging and in many turn key solutions you might want us to take your digital images. Estimates will vary depending on the project but you want to be allow for 3-5 hours of photography time to capture day shots and evening shots as well as virtual tours.  

Every photo that is taken indoors is taken inside a room. However, most photographers are interested in a subject, a person or an object, and not the room.  With just a little effort your suite/room can be made much more attractive and enhance the photograph, rather than detract from it.

Professional photographers who specialize in taking beautiful interior images use a few basic techniques that can be applied to almost any photograph taken indoors.

here are a few simple tips to get you started :

  • Use a wide-angle lens. For most interiors, you'll want to take in the largest possible area of the suite. A good wide angle digital lens will cost about $300 CA but the overall quality and feel of the room will be worth it. Hiring a professional photographer may cost you $500 CA or so but in the end the overall quality and outcome of your new website will payback dividends ten fold.
  • Decide what part of the suite/cottage is  most interesting visually and make that your focal point. You want to photograph the most interesting portion of the room and compose your photo so that the key portions of the room are highlighted in your photograph. Pay attention to where your frame ends and try not to cut furniture in half.
  • Watch out for clutter. Professional photographers will tell you that photography is "ten percent creativity and ninety percent moving furniture and setting up the room. When professional photographers photograph a room, they often take away a number of accessories and pieces of furniture that would otherwise appear in the viewfinder. Get the wastebasket out of the picture, hide all the knick knacks and never shoot bathrooms with the toilet seat up.
  • Make sure  you keep vertical lines vertical. When possible, also try to keep horizontal lines parallel to the top and bottom of the frame. Try to keep your camera level and don't tilt it up or down.
  • Avoid bright windows and streaming sun. For most interior photographs, if the windows are very bright or if there is sunlight streaming into the room, the bright windows or splotches of sunlight will draw the viewer's attention away from the room's interior and may create dark shadows in the shot. Professional photographers will wait until twilight to take the photos if the room has a lot of glass or doors. For accommodation shots setting the mode with evening shots if often a great way to make the room/suite have more appeal to the romantically inclined.  Be sure to include a good mix of day shots as well to balance out the site.

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    Tourism Resource Centre Visit our Tourism Resource Centre for valuable links and information to help your small tourism business.



    Tourism Resource Centre Visit our Tourism Resource Centre for valuable links and information to help your small tourism business. Chat with a live consultantright now- FREE.



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