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By: Pawprint  09-12-2011
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With over a decade of experience, PawPrint.net offers a full suite of web design services ranging from turn-key complete sites including concept and design to updates for existing sites and

. PawPrint.net specializes in creating web sites with dynamic content tuned for accessibility, and optimized for top search engine ranking using our revolutionary

Our Philosophy

At PawPrint we hand-code all our web sites, while the end result may look the same on the outside this level of attention to detail ensures that sites are more stable, future-proof, cross platform, and standards compliant. We can also ensure that every aspect of a web site is precisely tuned for search engine indexing.

Sites designed by PawPrint.net favour php rendered xhtml - with our chief developer ranking as a master in xhtml, and html at brainbench.com. By request we can also code using html and have extensive javascript, perl, flash, video, xml, database and unix experience.

PawPrint has been designing web sites since 1992 and has grown with the technology, this background knowledge of the internet gives us a unique understanding of the 'Big Picture' surrounding not only the technology but how to most effectively apply it, without falling prey to 'Buzz' or 'Hype'

Web Hosting

PawPrint does not want to host your web site!

Yes, that's right, we do not want to host your web site! Why? because we want to concentrate our efforts on designing the best possible web site for you - leaving the hosting to experts in that field.

Give your web site more buzz! We have chosen the services of Canadian owned and operated Dark French Host as our provider of choice. Through a close partnership with

, PawPrint can directly access servers: streamlining implementation times for our customers. Dark French Host also closely monitors their servers, providing 24/7 support and a low site load on each server - ensure your web site remains fast and on-line all the time!

PawPrint.net has chosen to partner with Dark French Host because we believe it is the best hosting service currently available!

Standards Compliant

At PawPrint we believe in standards, but not at the cost of function or design. This page, for example, is totally standards compliant and yet will still display even in non-compliant browsers. In fact, all our sites are verified using the W3C verification tools and include search engine submission and tailoring. We endeavor to meet the Priority 1 and, wherever possible, Priority 2 and/or 3 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines as specified by the W3C.

Standards Compliant web pages load faster, render more reliably across different browser platforms, and keep working as the Internet grows and technologies change.

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This latest update implements integration with several prominent social media communities and adds QR Codes without the drawbacks of using typical third party methods. The frequency of really useful updates and enhancements seems to be increasing - something that is always good news. In addition the news module has been enhanced to provide a more streamlined form for adding articles.


graphic and web design services using PHP to render dynamic XHTML based standards compliant web pages

You have taken great care to create a top notch facility: Ensure that people can see all the aspects you provide - don't restrict your customers by limiting their field of view, Provide them with the ability to view your entire space, from earth to sky, floor to ceiling, and horizon to horizon. A virtual tour allows people to focus in on their interests & gives them the opportunity to see that you're providing what they're looking for.


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Windows Search - I don't search often - if I do I'll wait rather then waste time, power, and space having windows index all my files in the background. If your system has multiple drives - it's always a good idea to spread out the paging files away from just the system drive onto the other drives. Because we're using a SSD we took care NOT to format the drive apart from that no special considerations during system install were necessary.