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By: Pawprint  09-12-2011
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Enhancements to News, CMS, and addition of Google + 1 button

XDe CMS Update

A series of enhancements to the XDe CMS will help web sites get listed better on the search engines as well as on Google Plus the new social network from Google. In addition the news module has been enhanced to provide a more streamlined form for adding articles.

Four degrees of involvement every business should consider and take action on.

There has been a lot of hype about social media, advice running rampant. Much of it disseminated by "consultants" eager to get your business by 'helping' you with social media campaigns etc.. For most small business this is not a viable approach. In fact, we have seen little good information specifically catered to small business about how best for them to tackle the social networking world. This article is specifically aimed at providing advice for small business and non-profit organizations about social networking.

As of August 1st IE7 will no longer be supported

According to a June 1st Google Blog post the company will be dropping support for older version browsers starting August 1st. This is great news for the web as it will hopefully start to push more late adopters forward and allow web developers to continue to innovate.

Understanding the recent Amazon Cloud outage.

The web site is finally back online after a 3 day outage due to the recent, massive failure of the Amazon Cloud data center in Virginia. Many of our customers and colleagues were also affected by what some are calling the "Great Internet Fail of 2011" This article is geared for those who are still trying to understand what happened and how to prevent it. gets a new look donated

the new look for has donated a web site to Sechelt Minor Softball for several years now as a small way to give back to the community. The site was starting to show it's age and we wanted to give it a new look and some added features..

New automatic video converter makes uploading modern video easy

The video upload dialog

By 2014 (or some say even earlier) more people may browse web sites on mobile devices then using desktop computers. As video becomes a key content element, it is essential that web sites can deliver video to all devices. Until now, the process to provide that level of compatibility has been very complicated. The PawPrint AVC (Automatic Video Converter) is going to change that.

New Team Member

Jacques Tredoux

PawPrint is thrilled to welcome Jacques Tredoux as a new designer/developer to our team. Jacques returns to PawPrint after several years away in Alberta and we are thrilled to have him back in an expanded role.

more XDe updates keep your web sites on the leading edge

The frequency of really useful updates and enhancements seems to be increasing - something that is always good news. Today there are 3 great updates to report. From jQuery to Social Media to Web Analytics and everything is free for anyone using the XDe.

Adding site wide social media integration to the XDe

Example of what the share bar looks like

This latest update implements integration with several prominent social media communities and adds QR Codes without the drawbacks of using typical third party methods.

New XDe feature is all about making your life easier

The latest platform-wide free enhancement to the XDe dramatically enhances the user experience by automatically providing ready back-links to recently accessed content. Immediately available for all registered users on all XDe based sites, the new system is already integrated with many key modules..

PawPrint is please to help give Wildflowers Bed and Breakfast a digital face-lift

The new look of Wildflowers

After several years it was time for wildflowers bed and breakfast to have a face lift for their web site. While PawPrint had assisted with several small changes to their previous site, it was our pleasure to propel the site forward with a new design backed by our XDe Content Management System.

integrated twitter-like on-site updates with automatic updates to twitter

The main chirp form

PawPrint is pleased to release the new chirp module, an on-site twitter-like short update system that is integrated into the XDe and accepts pre-loading from other modules while providing automatic updates to twitter and soon other social bookmarking sites.

Thanks to customer suggestions the Content Manger has been significantly upgraded mainly in terms of user interface a few new features were added as well. For a complete list of changes and enhancements view the complete article

A new web site for the nautically minded is pleased to announce the launch of the Clarks Maritime web site, a home for the various nautical endeavours of Martyn and Margaret Clark. Previous customers and friends of, this site was a joy to design and produce.

As a proud Canadian company PawPrint is happy to celebrate our national holiday with this small digital bout of flag waving - perhaps it's not much, but we love this country and are proud to call it home.

Keywords: web site, Web Sites

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Windows Search - I don't search often - if I do I'll wait rather then waste time, power, and space having windows index all my files in the background. If your system has multiple drives - it's always a good idea to spread out the paging files away from just the system drive onto the other drives. Because we're using a SSD we took care NOT to format the drive apart from that no special considerations during system install were necessary.