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By: Rawsome Living Foods  09-12-2011
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Would you like a special dinner for two, a party for 12, or an intimate workshop and brunch or dinner for 6? Wanting to eat amazing raw living food AND learn about a raw living food lifestyle? Rawsome Living Foods will create the package for you. Contact us and we will design a meal that is rawsomely out of this world, as well as, provide you with current information on eating a raw living diet.

At Rawsome Living Foods, we can free you from wondering about what to make for lunch or dinner. I can help you create nutritious and delicious meals made with the local, organic ingredients when possible.

My Personal Chef Services frees you to enjoy life without the cares of preparation and cleaning up.

The Services offered:

  • Initial Consultation: We meet to determine what you like, what you want, what you need and when you need it.
  • Menu Planning: I’ll show you how to plan and develop a personal menu collection.
  • Shopping: If you want, I can even do the shopping for you to guarantee fresh, quality ingredients. I will make every effort to buy local organic food as my first option.
  • Meal Preparation: All the food preparation is done in your kitchen. I can supply specialty equipment.
  • I do the clean up. Your delicious home-made food is ready when you want it.

“We felt that we had just eaten at the best gourmet restaurant in town.” - FW

“I have definitely resolved that raw is right for me - aside from all the obvious health benefits (no insulin, no asthma inhaler, no swollen feet - thrombosis) it has the added bonus that I have already lost more than 28 pounds without even trying. So, it has been great to me and I rarely crave cooked foods any more. (Even my former nemesis/fave foods like bread and ice cream hold very little appeal compared to my yummy creations.) – N.M.

Inspired Raw Food by Chef Jim

Keywords: Personal Chef Services

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